Interview with Andrew Tate about the demonization of masculinity on Infowars

This man is on fire. Andrew Tate advocates for the return of masculine men in western society. Let’s face it: Western men have been emasculated, feminized. The globalist elites of our western countries have deployed a massive effort since the 1960’s to transform the male that was generations ago a masculine and virile being into a puppet, a toy submitted to society and to women. And the trick was played on women too, when these same elites through propaganda and conditioning brainwashed them to become more masculine and dominating. The end result is that now nobody is happy and our societies are collapsing on themselves. Andrew Tate is a very energetic individual. It is to be expected since he is a kickboxer. But he doesn’t stop at fighting into a ring. He also fights on the internet where he is very active. He says that he has been deplatformed from a couple of places but he continues to spread his ideas wherever he can. This interview given to Alex Jones is amazing. That’s the kind of individuals we need to re-energize western men, and also patriots and nationalists who might feel exhausted or overwhelmed by the task at hand of defending our societies while our elites have turned against us. That interview is a five star. Please watch and share!

While the Canadian government is pursuing war criminals with energy, the song remains the same in Hungary

Since a few weeks ago, the Canadian government has begun chasing and arresting war criminals with energy under the leadership of the Conservative Party. During this time in the European Union, this project of Nazi Greater Europe come true, war criminals after more than sixty years continue to get away with their crimes. I think it is pretty obvious now for everyone that if these individuals were not prosecuted after WWII and not to this day for the vast majority of them, it is precisely because a lot of people were sympathetic to their cause. In other words, without saying it in plain terms, certain people agree with what these war criminals did, i.e. to exterminate, or helping to, Jews and other « undesirables » such as Romas, Serbs, Slavs, Gypsies, etc. During WWII, there were those who took the decisions, those who carried them out…and those who did nothing to prevent it from happening, either out of cowardice, fear, collaboration…or because they agreed. In the case of this nice fellow, Sandor Kepiro, a Hungarian charged with war crimes against Serbs and Jews, he evidently got away with an acquittal in the marvelous kingdom of the European Union and at the venerable age of 97 years old. Worth noting in the article that follows, is that the Fidesz government of Hungary has rehabilitated the Horthy fascist dictatorship of WWII during which Kepiro committed his crimes, and also that the judge seemed to be biaised when ruling about behavior in court. In effect, some people who showed up with the star of David were asked to remove it, while extreme right-wing nationalists from the Burgkomitate 64 were allowed in with the Arrow Cross Party symbol. Outside the court, many right-wing Jobbik Party and National League Foundation supporters were present to encourage Kepiro. The author of the article, Markus Salzmann, concludes with the astute remark that the « revolution » of 1989 that swept Eastern Europe and that was supposed to bring democracy finally in that part of the world after decades of communism, has revealed itself to be the triumph of exploitation and capitalism. Eastern Europeans are a long way from democracy, as are citizens of the Middle East after the « Arab Spring ». In both cases I am afraid, the sweet candy of democracy was used to bring and install some form of fascism. Sad but probably true. As for Kepiro, he will die as an old man protected by the collaborators of the European Union. The song remains the same on the Old Continent.

Markus Salzmann