Center for Security Policy on Influence Operations, Past and Present

This conference given by intelligence analysts on influence operations is certainly a must see. Too often we live our lives completely unaware of the dangers that surround us. Yesterday’s fears of a communist takeover presented by the media, whether exaggerated or not, have left us with the impression that « the government » was taking care of these things and that all we had to do was to go on, ignorant and with a quiet state of mind. Well…things are not that simple. Security and intelligence matters concern every citizens. Every one of us must be aware of what is going on in order to defend the country in which we live, its culture, its language, its values. That’s the only way to prevent a real takeover by an alien regime, ideology or culture. This presentation focuses principally on influence operations conducted by the Soviet Union in the Western World but the same principles could apply to any ideology. Panellists give examples using their experience on the ground and the vast quantity of intelligence reports available.

I must admit, this kind of presentation is long overdue. While the study of fascism has been done quite extensively by people such as Mae Brussel and Dave Emory, we are still waiting for the study of communism. It has not been made scientifically, rationally, intellectually, besides the propaganda put out by Radio Liberty and Radio Free Europe, the way it has been on fascism. And I think it has to be. Totalitarian ideologies are the real threat to this world. In order to fight and defeat them, we must first understand them. That’s why I am glad that the Center for Security Policy has undertaken this series of talks. The next installment will present the case of Islamism as the main new ideology that conducts influence operations on our soil, to try to stir opinion in its favor to be able to vanquish and conquer us more easily. Two thumbs up for this new initiative!

While the Canadian government is pursuing war criminals with energy, the song remains the same in Hungary

Since a few weeks ago, the Canadian government has begun chasing and arresting war criminals with energy under the leadership of the Conservative Party. During this time in the European Union, this project of Nazi Greater Europe come true, war criminals after more than sixty years continue to get away with their crimes. I think it is pretty obvious now for everyone that if these individuals were not prosecuted after WWII and not to this day for the vast majority of them, it is precisely because a lot of people were sympathetic to their cause. In other words, without saying it in plain terms, certain people agree with what these war criminals did, i.e. to exterminate, or helping to, Jews and other « undesirables » such as Romas, Serbs, Slavs, Gypsies, etc. During WWII, there were those who took the decisions, those who carried them out…and those who did nothing to prevent it from happening, either out of cowardice, fear, collaboration…or because they agreed. In the case of this nice fellow, Sandor Kepiro, a Hungarian charged with war crimes against Serbs and Jews, he evidently got away with an acquittal in the marvelous kingdom of the European Union and at the venerable age of 97 years old. Worth noting in the article that follows, is that the Fidesz government of Hungary has rehabilitated the Horthy fascist dictatorship of WWII during which Kepiro committed his crimes, and also that the judge seemed to be biaised when ruling about behavior in court. In effect, some people who showed up with the star of David were asked to remove it, while extreme right-wing nationalists from the Burgkomitate 64 were allowed in with the Arrow Cross Party symbol. Outside the court, many right-wing Jobbik Party and National League Foundation supporters were present to encourage Kepiro. The author of the article, Markus Salzmann, concludes with the astute remark that the « revolution » of 1989 that swept Eastern Europe and that was supposed to bring democracy finally in that part of the world after decades of communism, has revealed itself to be the triumph of exploitation and capitalism. Eastern Europeans are a long way from democracy, as are citizens of the Middle East after the « Arab Spring ». In both cases I am afraid, the sweet candy of democracy was used to bring and install some form of fascism. Sad but probably true. As for Kepiro, he will die as an old man protected by the collaborators of the European Union. The song remains the same on the Old Continent.

Markus Salzmann

The National Post stands on guard for you: Geopolitics 1.0

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My dear folks, I have discovered a fantastic newspaper. I got to tell you, you must become readers of the National Post. In just one or two issues you can find several excellent articles, while with other offers you would normally have to wait for a whole month before reading anything worth mentioning. It must be one of the most underrated newspapers of the world.

Anyhow, today, in the face of the constantly increasing propaganda, B.S., brainwash and deceptions polluting the corporate media and especially newspapers and television, I think it is relevant that I pinpoint to you a few articles that have appeared in the last days alone in the Post, that you should be aware of. The all deal more or less directly with liberal democracy being attacked, smeared, squeezed and cornered on all fronts. More specifically, you will find the never extinct totalitarian ideologies of the past, fascism, nazism, communism and now Islamism, that are trying to finish off democracy itself, by attacking its legitimacy, the morality of its politicians, its corruption, etc. All tricks in the books are used to try to get the world rid of the moderate/Center of the political spectrum, to pave the way for the installment of a totalitarian world. Whether it is a fascist, communist or Islamist concoction that wins the final battle for power is not the focal point for these anti-democracy crusaders at this time. Totalitarians have joined their forces to exterminate the liberals as they often call us. In effect, you will find many groups where people from the extreme-right mingle with others from the extreme-left and, evidently, Islamists. What makes it more difficult than ever for us to counteract their propaganda is the fact that it is more subtle than it ever was before. In fact, it has become so subtle that most of the liberals, progressives and soft leftists have fallen for it. Only the less naive and certain elements of the right still resist this corruptive and corrosive influence. Enjoy these articles. They present reality, not fiction. They share with you what you have to know about our world. They don’t have a mind-control agenda, none that I know of anyway.

Joshua Kurlantzick

Clifford May

George Jonas

Matt Gurney – Iran

Matt Gurney – The return of NDP’s anti-Israel fringe

Why communism is so immature

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The PDF file that you find below is a hand sheet tract that was distributed in Montreal last week. A group called the « Militant Labour Forum » organizes (or  only participates in, it is not clear) daily protests to be held in front of the Egyptian Consulate in Montreal to show solidarity to the « workers » of Egypt.  What I find interesting about this tract is the way the communist mind works. First, it presents Egyptians not as citizens or people but as « workers », as if they were only that and not human beings to begin with. Second, it presents the United States and Canada as being « imperialist » countries. It is curious, I thought the United States and Canada were liberal, democratic countries based on market capitalism… What does « imperialist » stands for in this case? The will to defend our way of life? Third, the tract also mentions that the U.S. funds to a great extent the military of Egypt. And with reason. It is Egypt’s military power that keeps down the Muslim Brotherhood as a para-military force to instigate Islamic revolutions. It tempers down the whole Middle-East region.

This document shows with amazing clarity the level of unconsciousness with which the communist/socialist partisans look at world affairs. It is almost as if they have absolutely no comprehension whatsoever of geo-politics, like if the Muslim Brotherhood wouldn’t exist, Israel wasn’t in any danger of annihilation, Iran wasn’t openly hostile to Israel, Islamic fundamentalism wasn’t on the rise, etc. It is maybe this kind of naivety, childishness and irresponsability that made the U.S. fought with so much strength communist regimes.  Being so disconnected with greater issues, having no understanding of geo-strategic  areas, interests and situations, communist/socialist ideologues and illuminates disseminate whatever propaganda and non-sense they can imagine. This is why these days we hear so much blame being put on America’s back. If we had to rely on what we hear in the media, it would always be America’s fault. I’m fed up of all this. See for yourself.


Nigel Farage exposes the fallacy of the European Union and its negation of the nation-state

Nigel Farage is a member of the European Parliament for South East England and is the leader of the UK Independance Party. He co-chairs the eurosceptic ‘Europe for Freedom and Democracy’ group. Listen to what he has to say about the EU: