Interviews with Mike Mitcham and Josh del Sol about the smart grid on Red Ice Radio

The information available here in these two interviews confirms and supplements the state of things presented by both Kevin Mottus and Dr Paul Héroux on the air of Secure Freedom Radio that I have shared with you in this previous article. Among other things, safety and security concerns as well as health issues are looked at. A must listen.

Mike Mitcham on Red Ice Radio

Josh del Sol on Red Ice Radio

Russ Tice on the Boiling Frogs: More about electronic surveillance, wiretaps and NSA Police State

It is another excellent podcast on the subject. Near the end of it, it becomes really interesting as Sibel Edmonds tries to make Russ Tice talk to the upmost limit of his knowledge. She doesn’t succeed to make him cross the line, but it gives us an idea that with 9/11, there is a lot more than meets the eye. I agree with that.

Russ Tice on the Boiling Frogs