Hamas shooting Fatah

Take a look at what Hamas means by ‘democracy’. See how love, compassion, desire to negociate and make deals are built-in in organizations like these. In this video, we see Hamas soldiers executing Fatah members…probably for their own good. Yes, it is surely out of the love for one’s neighbour that Hamas troops executed these poor Fatah operatives, probably to give them a chance to go to heaven immediately and profit from the many virgins that await them! In the end, when Hamas kill people like Jews, Fatah or westerners, they make them a favor! Allah is so great!!!


Muslim Brotherhood style democracy

Latest blog entry from anti-fascist researcher Dave Emory. Two things here to focus your attention. First, Emory presents the Hamas Charter, which is nothing else than the old anti-semitic routine that we have heard so much through centuries, and lately with nazism. Second, there is a link to a video on LiveLeak, which shows an execution of Fatah operatives by Hamas troops. It seems that Hamas don’t try to negociate, make deals, have a discussion or a vote. They are not interested with accommodations, middle grounds or any such thing that we are used to in democratic societies. They make the law as it used to be in Antiquity.

Question: Are you sure Israel and the Jews are the bad guys with people like that around? Well, you should check your facts again. A good site to help you with that is HonestReporting. They debunk anti-Israel propaganda that comes from the Middle East and they report it as soon as it comes. So first check Dave Emory’s blog entry and then pay a visit to HonestReporting: