Joe Imbriano: Les feux de Maui ont été créés par des armes à énergie directe ciblant les compteurs intelligents

Alex Jones et Stew Peters s’entretiennent sur les armes à énergie directe utilisées pour créer ou amplifier les feux sur l’île de Maui

Diffusion d’urgence #17/Emergency Broadcast #17

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La docteure Jane Ruby s’entretient avec Mike Adams sur le déraillement de train à East Palestine et la production dans l’eau et l’air de dioxines

Interview with Harold Rhode about Iran after the death of Soleimani, on SFR

Hezbollah: The World’s Leading Narco-Terrorist Organization, by Christopher Holton

I rarely do that but this time I am making an exception. This article by Christopher Holton is worth a post by itself. It details the links between Hezbollah and drug trafficking and related criminal activities. The real stuff.

Hezbollah: The World’s Leading Narco-Terrorist Organization

Red Ice TV analysis of the Christchurch shooting

Henrik Palmgren and Lana Lokteff of Red Ice TV present some interesting facts about the recent Christchurch shooting. The analysis and the elements that are brought here differ greatly from the usual nauseating marshmallow that the mainstream media treats us with when something like that happens. When a tragedy occurs it is important to keep an emotional distance and also not to lose sight of the facts and of the context. Instead of bringing on the parade with the candles and the prayer, it is imperative to analyse, reflect and think about what has just happened. Henrik and Lana do exactly that it here for us, while the mainstream media continues to feed the masses with propaganda.