Les opérations d’influence et d’espionnage du Bloc de l’Est…

Cet excellent documentaire dresse le portrait d’ensemble des opérations d’influence et d’infiltration du KGB et autres services d’espionnage soviétiques dans l’hémisphère occidental. Bien que la Guerre Froide soit officiellement terminée, il est clair que diverses opérations d’espionnage et d’infiltration de notre hémisphère sont toujours en cours, parrainées par divers pays, régimes et intérêts qui nous sont hostiles, ce qui rend ce document toujours très pertinent. Certaines filières, comme la filière cubaine, sont regardées. Certaines techniques de persuasion ou de recrutement, comme le sabotage, l’assassinat, le blackmail et le pot-de-vin sont évoquées. Parmi les points d’intérêts, on apprend que les Weathermen se sont rendus vers 1970 à Cuba pour s’entraîner aux techniques terroristes, sous le couvert d’une organisation militante de gauche appelée la Brigade Venceremos. Les Cubains étaient perçus comme étant à la fine pointe des forces communistes internationales. En octobre 1969, on se souviendra que les « Jours de rage » ont fait des dégâts importants à Chicago. On se souviendra également que c’était l’époque où le FLQ était actif au Québec. Ainsi, vers 1h 03minutes, le témoignage d’un des participants du documentaire nous révèle qu’au printemps 1970, des membres des Weathermen se seraient rendus au Canada pour rencontrer des membres du FLQ afin de tisser des liens plus étroits et coordonner leurs opérations. Bill Ayers faisait parti de la délégation. Aussi, vers 2h00, la question de la désinformation et de faux rapports de renseignement est regardée. Ceci n’est pas sans rappeler les scandales de Wikileaks et des agissements d’Edward Snowden. En effet, dans ces deux cas, autant Julian Assange qu’Edward Snowden ont fourni des quantités phénoménales de documents et de supposés « rapports de renseignement », alors que le public n’a aucun moyen de savoir ou de vérifier s’il s’agit bel et bien de document authentiques. Également, il n’est pas sans intérêt d’entendre une des plus célèbres espionnes russes durant la Guerre Froide, Hede Massing, déclarer vers 29:00 minutes qu’elle a fini par comprendre qu’elle ne combattait pas du tout le fascisme. Elle était plutôt manipulée par les Russes… Un documentaire à ne pas manquer.

Brown and Red fascists united their forces to crush the Social-Democrats of Germany

If I would to tell you that in Germany in the 20’s and early ’30, communists and fascists united their forces to have the social-democrat government of Germany fall down, would you believe me? Well, I am afraid that is exactly what happened. And the saddest thing is that it seems to be happening all over again in the present time, although no one seems to really pay attention to the small details that are revelatory of these social phenomena. Jan Valtin was a german communist and a soviet agent between the two world wars. According to writer and blogger Didier Goux, Jan Valtin was finally arrested after several years of activism by the Gestapo in 1933 and sentenced for 13 years. Then new orders came from the Komintern for Valtin to make believe that he experienced a change of heart and that as of this moment, he was ready to work for the Gestapo. The Nazi secret police bought the deception apparently and after having served three years out of the thirteen in prison, he was sent to rejoin the Komintern of Copenhagen. After a while, aroused by suspicions, the GPU, the soviet secret police, arrested and jailed him somewhere in the countryside around Copenhagen, in wait for a decision to send him to Moscow for either imprisonment or execution. Luckily for him, he succeeded to escape and fled to the United States where he eventually became a U.S. cititzen.

Valtin wrote an autobiography, Out of The Night, in which he describes with great details and precision the daily life of the spy/communist activist/double agent that he was. Here are a couple of extracts that are significant of the co-option of the Left forces by the Right. Remember that these events were taking place in the first decades of the 20th century but that it doesn’t mean that it can’t happen wherever you are, right now. And in fact, it does. Look around you and see. Here is the complete reference of the book and the extracts, from pages 252-254. All italics are Valtin’s:

Jan Valtin, Out of the Night, Alliance Book Corporation, New York, 1941.

The blind hatred for the Social Democrats took a decisive turn about the middle of January, 1931, when Georgi Dimitrov issued a secret memorandum of instructions to all leaders and sub-leaders of the communist columns. A special committee, headed by Thaelmann, Heinz Neumann and Wollweber, was set up to carry the instructions into effect. Summed up in one sentence the instructions were: « United action of the Communist Party and the Hitler movement to accelerate the disintegration of the crumbling democratic bloc which governs Germany » […]

Those who objected were threatened with expulsion from the Party. Discipline forbade the rank and file to discuss the issue. From then on, in spite of the steadily increasing fierceness of their guerrilla warfare, the Communist Party and the Hitler movement joined forces to slash the throat of an already tottering democracy.

It was a weird alliance, never officially proclaimed or recognized by either the Red or Brown bureaucracy, but a grim fact all the same. […] A temporary truce and a combining of forces were agreed on by the followers of Stalin and Hitler whenever they saw an opportunity to raid and break up meetings and demonstrations of the democratic front […]

In the spring of 1931, the socialist Transport Workers’ Union had called a conference of ship and dock delegates of all the main ports of Western Germany […] When the conference opened, the galleries were packed with two or three hundred Communists and Nazis […] As soon as the first trade union delegate touched one of us, our followers rose and bedlam started. The furniture was smashed, the participants beaten, the hall turned into a shambles. We gained the street and scattered before ambulances and the Rollkommandos of the police arrived. The next day, both the Nazi and our own Party press brought out front page accounts of how « socialist » workers, incensed over the « treachery » of their own corrupt leaders had given them a thorough « proletarian rub-down » […]

The Communist high command, under Dimitrov, gave us the answer by telegram and letter, and through circulars, pamphlets, and headlines in the Party press. « Down with the Social Democrats, the chief enemy ot the workers! Communists, your duty is to sweep the Socialist traitors out of the government offices! » So, while Communist and Nazi terror groups blazed away at each other in nightly skirmishes, Communists went loyally to the polls to give their votes in support of a drive launched by the Monarchist Hugenberg and the Fascist Hitler.

I think that you get the picture. The most important is that you realize that these things are going on again in your own society. Don’t be fooled. The Left and the Right have made a deal to destroy those in the Center, the Social Democrats, and I suspect it is you, if you read this blog. Wake up!