Symphony-X new album Iconoclast: How humans are sliding little by little toward the machine

Metal band Symphony-X new album talks about the human condition of the modern man, where he/she has to live under an increasingly heavier technocracy that is taking a totalitarian face. We are becoming Borg drones by the day, more and more alike to the machine. Whether you call it Big Brother, Hal, the Faceless God or anyway you want, the fact is that we are sliding into it. Here, I propose to you a song taken from the album, titled Dehumanized. Yeah, we are losing our humanity because we don’t have the courage to stand for what really matters. It is sad but that is our reality.

The future of Christianity, part III: Keelhaul and Metal Music

This show extract from U.S. Metal band Keelhaul is a terrific example of how religious Christians will be in the future. The days of nerdy, uptight and beaten-down bigots is over. Christians will evolve to include new ways, new ideas, new methods while still remaining faithful to the spirit of the Gospel. What tipped me off in this video is a portrait or rather a painting of Jesus as the scene background. It reigns over the band and the crowd and then you realize that a process of transformation is under way. It might not be evident for the moment but it is coming. In previous instalments of this series, I have presented you other elements of this process of transformation, first the demonstration of force and resolve, and second, the importance that already has and will have Trance Music and Porn in the evolution of human kind in the future, culturally and in terms of energy. It is with these new values that we will be able to win our battle against totalitarianism.

Keelhaul must be the most underrated band of all times. They are an amazing group playing the same kind of Metal as Mastodon but without the due recognition. This show has such an energy that if you are a fan of Metal, this is for you. I hope that you will share the same pleasure that I had when I discovered it. And don’t forget: Being a Christian doesn’t mean being dull. 21st century humans might not understand that yet, but in the future they will. Watch this show presented in Greece a few years ago and understand how the reality that we call « Christ » is not weak. On the contrary, it is the most powerful thing that exists. And don’t worry about the devil signs that you see in the crowd. They will be replaced by victory signs in the near future.
Keelhaul @ Emissions Fest Nyabinghi Youngstown OH 2005

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