The most beautiful women in the world: The Arab females who will defeat Islam

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Yes folks, it’s true! Check this following video and you will see. The beauty of these women is such that a even corpse would get a boner! Arab women possess such a class, of almost an aristocratic nature, that nobody can resist their charm. And I bet it is these faces, these features that, when they are finally able to express themselves freely out of the totalitarian web of the Islamic veil, will destroy and eradicate Islam from the surface of this Earth! Arab women, the Gospel is calling you to freedom! All you have to do is to follow the example of these superb counter-Jihad resistants who freely and graciously expose us to the wrath of their weapons of mass-seduction! One day, Christians in the Middle East will die not at the hands of Islamic warriors or terrorists, but out of exhaustion from endless nights of love with these beauty warriors! The time for change is now!

The future of Christianity, part III: Keelhaul and Metal Music

This show extract from U.S. Metal band Keelhaul is a terrific example of how religious Christians will be in the future. The days of nerdy, uptight and beaten-down bigots is over. Christians will evolve to include new ways, new ideas, new methods while still remaining faithful to the spirit of the Gospel. What tipped me off in this video is a portrait or rather a painting of Jesus as the scene background. It reigns over the band and the crowd and then you realize that a process of transformation is under way. It might not be evident for the moment but it is coming. In previous instalments of this series, I have presented you other elements of this process of transformation, first the demonstration of force and resolve, and second, the importance that already has and will have Trance Music and Porn in the evolution of human kind in the future, culturally and in terms of energy. It is with these new values that we will be able to win our battle against totalitarianism.

Keelhaul must be the most underrated band of all times. They are an amazing group playing the same kind of Metal as Mastodon but without the due recognition. This show has such an energy that if you are a fan of Metal, this is for you. I hope that you will share the same pleasure that I had when I discovered it. And don’t forget: Being a Christian doesn’t mean being dull. 21st century humans might not understand that yet, but in the future they will. Watch this show presented in Greece a few years ago and understand how the reality that we call « Christ » is not weak. On the contrary, it is the most powerful thing that exists. And don’t worry about the devil signs that you see in the crowd. They will be replaced by victory signs in the near future.
Keelhaul @ Emissions Fest Nyabinghi Youngstown OH 2005

Keelhaul | Myspace Music Videos

Pulling the plug on the clenched fist: Resistance 1.0

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Hello folks. If you ever took the habit of clicking once in a while on this blog, you probably have noticed that I am not using anymore the clenched fist as the logo for the motto section. In effect, I have become annoyed by its use in the present culture of protests and demonstrations, and I decided to pull the plug. From Communist China or Intifada useful fools to Greek protesters or Muslim jihadists, the clenched fist have surfaced all over the place in the last weeks. But everytime it is used, it is in a context of either socialist or communist propaganda or during protests or demonstrations that often turn to riot or mayhem. Well…I don’t know if I have anything to do with the raising popularity of the clenched fist but I certainly never said to riot or damage property, or to use it to brainwash populations through propaganda. When I decided to use the clenched fist, it was in a spirit of trying to stimulate a reaction to the corruption and corrosion of the world, not to encourage people to behave like jerks and punks. With this blog, I am trying to support people to do things that are superior in quality, nature and consciousness to the usual behaviors of  the masses. Apparently, some people got me wrong.

That’s why I am re-focusing your attention on another symbol, the exact one on which this website is based, the lys d’or. It is the flower that symbolises french royalty. Its fragrance fulfils the air with democracy, freedom, freedom of speech, consciousness, awareness, civilized behavior, intelligence and values of the gospel. Whether you like it or not, everytime you will come to this site, it is that fragrance that you will smell. Putting a flower to your nose will be easier on you at first than a clenched fist, but in the long run, it might reveal just more efficient. Everyone who come to this site, you have been warned: this is not a blog for idiots or punks. I am trying to elevate your spirits, not to degrade you to the rank of animals. If you are using the clenched fist to riot, that’s your call but that is not what I teach. If you decide to do it anyway and not to follow what I recommend, you are on your own. The lys d’or will continue its course without you. Its cruel but that’s the way it is gonna be.

05/21/2011: Today is the End of the World. Look inside, the Kingdom of God is within

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Well, how do you feel on the Day of the End of the World? Personally, not that bad. It could be worse. Christ has risen from the dead and now there are a few things to take into consideration and reflect on. First of all, Jesus was born from biological parents like any other human being. His father like his grand-father was the heir to the throne of David. That’s why in the Gospel Jesus is presented as the God of the Jews. It means literally that he is the biological descendant of King David. Second, as a Jew, he couldn’t not have been married. That was the tradition then like it is today for religious Jews and that would have been unthinkable from him not to do like his ancestors. He got married and had at least a child, again like it was expected in the tradition. After his death or escape for a safer place, his wife fled to France with the child.

Look inside. The power of transformation is within. Don’t look for gurus, leaders, mahatmas. Look inside you and you will find the power to change your life for the better. You are God. That right to be God was taken from you by the Church. The Church wants only one God, the corpse of a man died 2000 years ago and supposedly resurrected. The message of the Gospel is not the resurrection of Christ. It is the power of transformation that exists within us. The Gospel contains a set of values that exist nowhere else in the world in whatever culture, religion, civilization or society. And it is that core of values that we must celebrate, not a glorified corpse. The only thing that comes close to that, is the person and preaching of the Buddha. He was a great man and his teachings inspired a lot of good things among the various Eastern nations.

Today, if there is anything that is resurrecting, it is the Gospel itself, not a person. The Gospel is rising from the dead to teach a world gone crazy how to live and behave in a way that is respectful to others and to creation. The core values of western civilization are resurrecting to show us the way. It’s only up to us to be responsible and act accordingly. You, the individual, is the key of that transformation. It is your turn to rise from the dead and be the image of God.