The Muslim Brotherhood in America documentary, Part 3

This is part 3 of a documentary produced by the Center For Security Policy and presented by Frank Gaffney. I also join two radio shows and blog posts by anti-fascist researcher Dave Emory for supplemental and different information, one of them being an interview with previous Justice Department attorney John Loftus. Loftus wrote many great books, such as The Secret War Against the Jews and America’s Nazi Secret, among others. In this interview, he discusses the Muslim Brotherhood as exemplifying what came to be called islamofascism.

FTR #455 Compendium on the Muslim Brotherhood

FTR #564 Interview with John Loftus

Center for Security Policy Frank Gaffney fights back

Here are three videos in which Frank Gaffney, founder and president of the Center For Security Policy, tries to fight back against Islamists in America and elsewhere. The most interesting thing here happens in the third video and it is the attitude and behavior of CNN Anderson Cooper. What is the problem with this guy? In the interview, he literally gives a free pass to Suhail Khan. If you want to know who Khan really is, check the earlier post about him on this site. It is incredible to see how in the interview Cooper tries to demolish and demonize Frank Gaffney’s argument. Cooper doesn’t even bother to look at the argument and facts and to ask Khan at least to comment on them. It must be, in his whole career, the easiest interview Khan has ever given. He was not interviewed as a matter of fact. He just stood by while Cooper was playing either the fool, the ignorant, the bigot, the leftist or something else. In the end, it is either this: Cooper is in with the Islamists or he doesn’t understand at all how the world really works. Personally I don’t know. I will let you decide.

The islamo-fascist backers of American Conservative Union’s Suhail Khan

A really ‘nice’ fellow, Suhail Khan, sits as a board member on the American Conservative Union. Bush administration veteran, he strongly supports the Ground Zero Mosque project and portrays himself as a ‘moderate’. However, if you scratch the surface, a different reality emerges. These interesting facts come to light. His father, Mahboob Khan, was one of the founders of ISNA, the Islamic Society of North America, and MSA, the Muslim Student Association. And guess what? The Islamic Society of North America was named unindicted coconspirator in the United States vs Holy Land Foundation trial, where the charges were terrorist financing. In the early 1990’s, Khan’s mosque in California hosted Egyptian Islamic Jihad terrorist Ayman al-Zawahiri in a US tour. And there are other connections. I’ll let you watch a video where you can see different pictures of these great democrats, and read an article by Paul Sperry, co-author of Muslim Mafia . Enjoy.