Interviews with Diana West, Fred Fleitz, and Kevin Freeman and Rick Manning on SFR

Interview with Diana West on Secure Freedom Radio

Interview with Fred Fleitz on Secure Freedom Radio

Interview with Kevin Freeman and Rick Manning on Secure Freedom Radio

Diana West presents her new book « American Betrayal » on C-SPAN

This interview is quite remarkable considering the average quality level of today’s mass media. Syndicated columnist Diana West made an extraordinary effort during her research for this book to get to America’s real history beyond propaganda, deception and lies. And the result is simply excellent if not exceptional. In a nutshell, she details and chronicles here how Soviet Russia used America’s desire to defeat Hitler to infiltrate FDR’s Administration and following to subvert our society from within. And besides, all of this was made possible by the very complicity of some of our leaders. At the very end of the interview, she makes the case that the present-day situation with the Obama Admistration is quite similar. We are committing the same mistake by allowing our enemies to infiltrate the centers of power of our governments. A must-watch!

Diana West on C-SPAN

Andy McCarthy’s press conference on the Muslim Brotherhood presented by the Center for Security Policy

The Muslim Brotherhood in America documentary, Part 3

This is part 3 of a documentary produced by the Center For Security Policy and presented by Frank Gaffney. I also join two radio shows and blog posts by anti-fascist researcher Dave Emory for supplemental and different information, one of them being an interview with previous Justice Department attorney John Loftus. Loftus wrote many great books, such as The Secret War Against the Jews and America’s Nazi Secret, among others. In this interview, he discusses the Muslim Brotherhood as exemplifying what came to be called islamofascism.

FTR #455 Compendium on the Muslim Brotherhood

FTR #564 Interview with John Loftus

Center for Security Policy on Influence Operations, Past and Present

This conference given by intelligence analysts on influence operations is certainly a must see. Too often we live our lives completely unaware of the dangers that surround us. Yesterday’s fears of a communist takeover presented by the media, whether exaggerated or not, have left us with the impression that « the government » was taking care of these things and that all we had to do was to go on, ignorant and with a quiet state of mind. Well…things are not that simple. Security and intelligence matters concern every citizens. Every one of us must be aware of what is going on in order to defend the country in which we live, its culture, its language, its values. That’s the only way to prevent a real takeover by an alien regime, ideology or culture. This presentation focuses principally on influence operations conducted by the Soviet Union in the Western World but the same principles could apply to any ideology. Panellists give examples using their experience on the ground and the vast quantity of intelligence reports available.

I must admit, this kind of presentation is long overdue. While the study of fascism has been done quite extensively by people such as Mae Brussel and Dave Emory, we are still waiting for the study of communism. It has not been made scientifically, rationally, intellectually, besides the propaganda put out by Radio Liberty and Radio Free Europe, the way it has been on fascism. And I think it has to be. Totalitarian ideologies are the real threat to this world. In order to fight and defeat them, we must first understand them. That’s why I am glad that the Center for Security Policy has undertaken this series of talks. The next installment will present the case of Islamism as the main new ideology that conducts influence operations on our soil, to try to stir opinion in its favor to be able to vanquish and conquer us more easily. Two thumbs up for this new initiative!