Billy and Karen Vaughn speak about the death of their son due to White House leaks on bin Laden raid

Consumer Attorney James Turner talks about how Donald Rumsfeld disregarded safety issues and used his political muscle to get Aspartame approved

Get down the page on the link here. This site is about denouncing aspartame as a dangerous chemical…yes, the one that you ingest with your diet soft drink, your sugar-free sweetener, etc. Well, that sweetener may very well be not that sweet after all. See how Donald Rumsfeld used his influence to have aspartame approved while all the studies had not been completed by a neutral party. Take the opportunity as well to reflect on how lobbying, bribes and influence can wreck a nation completely. Humans have no protection whatsoever with people like that. For a little profit, corporations and their political lapdogs are ready to poison everybody and they do it with impunity. Really, the political realm has become such a joke.

Russ Baker on RT Thom Hartmann

Look what we got here…Congressman Darrell Issa, the richest man in the House of Representatives, has asked for the data regarding Freedom of Information Act requests. He wants that the federal government release to him the entire information, i.e. names, specifics demanded, businesses, etc, for all Freedom of Information Act requests that have been made. Wow! And for what? We can’t be sure but it is not for the greater good. Either it is for his own personal career advancement or he is simply doing somebody else’s job for the higher hierarchy. Will this information serve only to assure his political grounds or rather to produce a data file containing names of researchers, journalists, whistleblowers, who may present a « risk » for the fascist State? The corporations run the show now and the politicians are only their lapdogs. Is Darrell Issa simply a petty politician trying to clear his path to the White House or someone implementing a police state policy? Is Big Brother watching you or is it simply corruption? Listen to Russ Baker’s take on that. Baker is the author of Family of Secrets.