Entrevue avec Maître Francis Boyle: Le vaccin pour la Covid-19 est une arme bactériologique…

J’ai quelques réserves à publier cette vidéo de Maître Francis Boyle. En effet, Maître Boyle, le printemps dernier, a surévalué la menace de la Covid-19, comme les gouvernements et les médias d’ailleurs, ce qui a contribué à alimenter le climat d’hystérie et de paranoïa que nous subissons depuis ce temps. Il disait que la Covid-19 était très dangereuse, ce qui n’est pas le cas, comme on le voit maintenant depuis plusieurs mois. Or, dans cette vidéo-ci, il se prononce sur le vaccin, et là, il a raison. Le vaccin qui sera bientôt disponible pour contrer la Covid-19 est un arme bactériologique. Ce qu’il contient ne devrait jamais faire l’objet d’aucune autorisation ni acceptation (veuillez consulter cette Motion/pétition de Wolfgang Wodarg et Michael Yeadon). Comme le dit Maître Boyle, ce vaccin viole le Code de Nuremberg sur les expérimentations médicales. Sous aucune circonstance nous devrions accepter de prendre ce produit. Je republie également une vidéo d’Alex Jones où il analyse le document qui j’ai mis en référence, expliquant le contenu du vaccin.

Cancer: The Forbidden Cures documentary

This great movie presents the real history of modern western medecine. It shows how lobbyists from Big Pharma have come not only to control medecine but to define what medecine itself is in the first place. This industry is controlled by crooks, literally, while people die from cancer and other illnesses all over the world, all for the profit of Big Pharma.

Wilhelm Reich: The greatest doctor to have walked on the surface of this Earth

Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957), if you don’t already know him, is worth the detour. He must be, along with Nicolas Tesla and a few others, among the most underrated scientists of all time. Not only did Reich, definitely Sigmund Freud’s most brilliant student and successor, achieve an impressive amount of successes and discoveries in the immediate fields of psychology and psychoanalysis that were his (such as on the subjects of neurosis, anxiety, sex-morality, orgasm, character, etc) but he also undertook extensive research and practice, later in his career, in the areas of medecine, physics, astrophysics and engineering. More specifically, he dedicated many years on the subject of cancer, as he was looking to understand its causes and possibly even maybe to find a cure. He made extensive experiments in that direction using the discovery of Orgone Energy, with « bions » administered via a syringe, and with the Orgone Energy Accumulator (a box made out of wood and metal in which patients were standing) to try to alleviate at least some of the suffering of his patients. On topics of natural science, he worked on aurora borealis as a manifestation of Orgone Energy present in the sky and on the links it has with nuclear energy. He also completed the circle that made him akin with the Ancients, as he engineered and crafted himself the tools and technology necessary for his experiments, from the Cloudbuster (a cannon for fertilizing clouds), the Orgone Energy Accumulator, to the bion formula and other things.

The circumstances surrounding his death, like in the case of so many great characters, are both tragic and unclear. After having managed to survive the rise of Nazism in both Germany and Norway by escaping at the last minute (he emigrated to the U.S. in 1939) the powers of this world finally got to him where he expected them the least, the United States of America. Starting in 1947, the FDA began a propaganda campaign against Reich that lasted for years. In 1954, an Injunction was filed against him using the excuse of Orgone Energy. The Judge decreed that all Orgone Energy Accumulator and all related material should be destroyed. The burning of books that became the law of the land under the Nazis was continuing here at home in North America, as if the Inquisition was still going on. As his appeals were all denied, he was incarcerated in 1957 and died of heart failure later that year. Heart failure being a signature of the Underground Reich when it is time to get rid of somebody who is in the way, his death will always look to me rather like an execution. But, according to more recent research undertaken on the matter by James DeMeo, PhD, a specialist on Reich and Orgone energy, Communist agents seemed to have played a key role, along with other people. Please take the time to get more acquianted with this great scientist.

Biography of Wilhelm Reich

Wilhelm Reich Last Will and Testament

History of the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust

History of the Archives of the Orgone Institute

The Wilhelm Reich Museum

Books by Wilhelm Reich

Consumer Attorney James Turner talks about how Donald Rumsfeld disregarded safety issues and used his political muscle to get Aspartame approved

Get down the page on the link here. This site is about denouncing aspartame as a dangerous chemical…yes, the one that you ingest with your diet soft drink, your sugar-free sweetener, etc. Well, that sweetener may very well be not that sweet after all. See how Donald Rumsfeld used his influence to have aspartame approved while all the studies had not been completed by a neutral party. Take the opportunity as well to reflect on how lobbying, bribes and influence can wreck a nation completely. Humans have no protection whatsoever with people like that. For a little profit, corporations and their political lapdogs are ready to poison everybody and they do it with impunity. Really, the political realm has become such a joke.


Everything You HAVE TO KNOW about Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods

Listen to scientist, author and activist Jeffrey Smith speaking about the real dangers of GMO foods. If you live in the U.S., Canada or Argentina, you have to ask your local governments to implement mandatory labelling of GMO food products…unless you want to get sick and die. You must listen to that!

Everything You HAVE TO KNOW about Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods from Jeffrey Smith on Vimeo.