Interview with the President of the United States, Donald Trump

A good house cleaning is necessary at the Justice Department, starting with Jeff Sessions. What the President is waiting for to fire him? I don’t know. Some say that he would be more likely to do that after the midterm elections in November. The tricky thing with that, is that it takes for granted that the Republicans would keep control of the House and Senate. But what if Republicans lose control of either of these two chambers or even both? Wouldn’t it make the firing of Jeff Sessions even more difficult? I think that the more the President waits to fire Jeff Sessions, the more difficult it will be politically. To go to the midterm elections with new blood and new faces could reinforce the President and his agenda. But of course here, it’s all a matter of interpretation. We are all anxious to see what the President will decide.

Geert Wilders interview on SunNews: A Dutch politician fights back

Watch this interview with Geert Wilders by Ezra Levant during his visit to Canada recently. Leader of the Party for Freedom in the House of Representatives in the Netherlands, Wilders has to endure a life of harassment, threats and intimidation from Islamist fanatics who want to kill him for his statements and actions against Islamism. Surrounded by bodyguards, Wilders’s life has turned into hell since he compared the Koran to Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, asked for the ban of the burka, of Islamic schools, on the construction of new mosques, etc. He calls all Dutchmen and westerners to resist against that totalitarian ideology disguised as a religion. He warns us that there is no moderate Islam. There is only one Islam, which is violent, intolerant and preaches hatred toward homosexuals, Jews and all non-Muslims. Calls to kill Jews are frequently made by Imams, but that’s not something you will probably learn from your local « progressive » activists, though. What Wilders says makes a lot of sens. We must all unite against what is probably the worst of all totalitarian ideologies that the world has ever known. After the interview with Wilders, Ezra Levant is joined by Brooke Goldstein of the Lawfare Project, from the studios of CNN New York. I also added an extract of his movie, Fitna.

Russ Baker on RT Thom Hartmann

Look what we got here…Congressman Darrell Issa, the richest man in the House of Representatives, has asked for the data regarding Freedom of Information Act requests. He wants that the federal government release to him the entire information, i.e. names, specifics demanded, businesses, etc, for all Freedom of Information Act requests that have been made. Wow! And for what? We can’t be sure but it is not for the greater good. Either it is for his own personal career advancement or he is simply doing somebody else’s job for the higher hierarchy. Will this information serve only to assure his political grounds or rather to produce a data file containing names of researchers, journalists, whistleblowers, who may present a « risk » for the fascist State? The corporations run the show now and the politicians are only their lapdogs. Is Darrell Issa simply a petty politician trying to clear his path to the White House or someone implementing a police state policy? Is Big Brother watching you or is it simply corruption? Listen to Russ Baker’s take on that. Baker is the author of Family of Secrets.