John Loftus talks about intelligence matters on For The Record with Dave Emory

Dave Emory has gone through a dental surgery and his voice suffers from it. But the subjects he is talking with John Loftus in this interview don’t. The great John Loftus recaps here some of the most important matters regarding the world of politics and intelligence that have occured in the last century. Don’t miss it:

For The Record #749 Side 1

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Tony Gosling: Martin Bormann, post-WWII nazism and the state of corruption in the UK

CBS female reporter Lara Logan sexually assaulted in Egypt

Well, well, well…Isn’t that just marvelous? Our ‘democratic’ protesters in Egypt took the opportunity, while being so moved and transported by ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom of speech’ and protest, to have a little grope-fest if not a rape, on Lara Logan, a CBS female journalist! Isn’t that so cute! Because, after all, that revolution is not about the rise of Islamic fundamentalism and a return to archaic values, no…It is about democracy, freedom of speech, rights for everyone…and for women… « In some areas, men formed human chains, cordoning off groups of women and children from pushing hordes… » And from what were they protecting them? God knows what… Well, they will just have to wait for the next ‘democratic’ revolution. Because before long, that will be the Islamists and their archaic views on humans and women who will take the stage…and sexual harassment will continue with all the rest. Business as usual. What do they use to say, « Islam is a religion of love and peace »? Umh…


Why communism is so immature

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The PDF file that you find below is a hand sheet tract that was distributed in Montreal last week. A group called the « Militant Labour Forum » organizes (or  only participates in, it is not clear) daily protests to be held in front of the Egyptian Consulate in Montreal to show solidarity to the « workers » of Egypt.  What I find interesting about this tract is the way the communist mind works. First, it presents Egyptians not as citizens or people but as « workers », as if they were only that and not human beings to begin with. Second, it presents the United States and Canada as being « imperialist » countries. It is curious, I thought the United States and Canada were liberal, democratic countries based on market capitalism… What does « imperialist » stands for in this case? The will to defend our way of life? Third, the tract also mentions that the U.S. funds to a great extent the military of Egypt. And with reason. It is Egypt’s military power that keeps down the Muslim Brotherhood as a para-military force to instigate Islamic revolutions. It tempers down the whole Middle-East region.

This document shows with amazing clarity the level of unconsciousness with which the communist/socialist partisans look at world affairs. It is almost as if they have absolutely no comprehension whatsoever of geo-politics, like if the Muslim Brotherhood wouldn’t exist, Israel wasn’t in any danger of annihilation, Iran wasn’t openly hostile to Israel, Islamic fundamentalism wasn’t on the rise, etc. It is maybe this kind of naivety, childishness and irresponsability that made the U.S. fought with so much strength communist regimes.  Being so disconnected with greater issues, having no understanding of geo-strategic  areas, interests and situations, communist/socialist ideologues and illuminates disseminate whatever propaganda and non-sense they can imagine. This is why these days we hear so much blame being put on America’s back. If we had to rely on what we hear in the media, it would always be America’s fault. I’m fed up of all this. See for yourself.