Harvard Square Palestinian activists: Are there any worst totalitarians than these?

I am so tired of these Palestinian activists. They represent the worst kind of totalitarians you can possibly imagine. Why? Because they belong to a trend of fascism called the « Third Position ». The third position is a mixture of Extreme-Right, Extreme-Left and Islam. Or, in other words, it is an extreme-right movement that disguised itself as a leftist or socialist movement, using the « cause » of defending Islam and poor and oppressed peoples to attack liberal society and values. The study of Francis Parker Yockey‘s philosophy is certainly of a great help here. Author Kevin Coogan has dwelled into these matters and you can get more details about that by listening to this interview with him on Dave Emory‘s show. Coming back to this Youtube video, just listen to their rhetoric. You don’t need to be a doctor to see that these activists are completely brainwashed by palestinian propaganda. That propaganda is nothing else than pure third position fascism. Don’t you find it strange that Jews (oh yeah, you’re right, they call them Israelis…) are targetted in this smear campaign? I thought the Left liked the Jews, because of historic links between Bolshevism and the Jewish community. The Nazis supposedly tried to exterminate them because of these links. So why is that that now an activist group that seems to be leftist is targetting Jews? Because it is third position fascism, for no other reason. Palestinian activists are helping the Extreme-Right to make a comeback into the fold from the underground, from the shadows. The signature of their deeds, which should be evident for every one in control of their faculties, is right there, in plain sight. Today, in 2011, they do exactly the same things that they were doing in Germany prior to WWII. They are targetting the Jews, accusing them of being responsible for the problems of the world. To get a better idea about the existing links between Nazism and Islam, check this web page. In French, the document studies the links between Palestinians and Nazism. The photos speak volumes and so all the other pieces of documentation that are exhibited.

The Golden Lily and the Lys d’Or: Hey crooks, give us back our wealth!

© Laurent Renault | Dreamstime.com

The Golden Lily is a sort of buried treasure. It is composed of the immense loot of gold made by Japan during WWII. A good chunk of it has been safe-housed in the Philippines, for an  estimated value, in 1942 dollars, of 100 billions. In FTR #688, Dave Emory explores this fascinating case about global economy, war crime and high finance. Even before the war, the U.S., Japan, Germany and Italy were cartel partners. So it is no surprise if that loot of gold, and the loot of the Third Reich as a whole, came to become the basis for post-WWII world economy. An institution called the Black Eagle Trust has been instrumental in these matters. Several banking institutions have come to play an important role as holders for the gold and/or for its monetary value, such as Union Bank of Switzerland and Citigroup. Emory’s broadcast is based on a fascinating book written by Sterling and Peggy Seagrave and titled Gold Warriors. According to their research, it appears that in Japan the Royal Family, organized crime, the armed forces, corporations and the secret service were all involved in the rise of fascism and with the organization of all its manoeuvres, including the loot of gold. After the war, the de-fascismization of Japan has been a farce and the same with the de-nazification of Germany.

It is a fascinating story. The thing I like a little less, is the correspondence between the name that has been chosen for this loot, Golden Lily, and the very name of my blog, Lys d’Or. I am not sure exactly what Japanese fascists mean by that. Golden obviously refers to gold, but Lily? In my case, the Lys d’Or is the emblem or symbol of French Royalty. If you have had the occasion to browse through the permanent pages of this site, you have seen what I mean by that. But I have slightly altered its meaning to empower the individual instead of monarchs crowned through heredity. We are Kings and Queens. We don’t need no hierarchies. And the thing that pisses me off the most is that, again, it is the bad guys who have the power, the money and the wealth. If I had the wealth of the Golden Lily, it is incredible the things that I could do to help people, develop communities, supports sectors in need, encourage good scientific research, publish non-conventional authors and scientist, etc, etc. But I can’t…because it is the bad guys who have the Golden Lily…while all I have to make a difference is my blog. If I had this wealth, we wouldn’t need any police or intelligence agencies anymore to plot, scheme and sabotage to control the world or to be able to pick up a few crumbles here and there left without surveillance by our adversaries. You see, unfortunately, the people who govern the Earth today possess three basic characteristics: they are crazy, they are fools and they are crooks. If you have got a comprehension of these characteristics, you are in a position to understand a lot of things, even if you are not officially « in the know ».

The only solution for the people who believe in progress, democracy, liberty, freedom of speech, the bill of rights and the constitution, is to do exactly what these crooks from the Underground Reich have done to the liberal world. We need to infiltrate them and cannibalize them from the inside out. It may take 500 years or longer, but in the end we will win, if we show enough resilience. One day all the gold of the Earth will shine over your heads, you the crooks of the world, while you rot in hell. Here is also an interview with Sterling and Peggy Seagrave, authors of Gold Warriors.

Interview with Sterling and Peggy Seagrave