Lyne Picknett on the Johannite Tradition, the Gospels and the Knights Templar

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Caroline Glick on the myth of the two-state solution in Israel: The Left controls the media (thank god, for once it’s not the « Zionists/Jews »!)

Caroline Glick in these two videos explains how, unfortunately, the Left in Israel seems to be controlling or setting the agenda for the media. In so doing, it is putting forward a propaganda that is not only counter-productive but also suicidal and dangerous for the survival of the Jewish people and the state of Israel. The country seems to be suffering from the same leftist biais that pollutes so often the media throughout the world, in Europe particularly, and here as well in Canada. I urge all Israelis to stop this non-sense and adopt a more mature and rational attitude. Steps and actions must be taken to defend the Jewish state because if not, it will disappear. The time for idealistic and virtuous games is over. It’s now time for action. All Israelis and Jews must defend the country against Islamic totatitarianism. Palestinians and Iranians are nothing else than islamofascist Nazis in disguise. They must be crushed before they get the chance of erasing the Jews from history. Stand for your own country and your own kind, Israelis!

Excellent video presentation on the real history of the region of Israel, Judea and Samaria

It is about time that the Israeli government presents something to counteract anti-Israel and anti-semitic propaganda campaigns that are rampant throughout the world. Disinformation, propaganda, smear campaigns, boycott efforts, anti-semitic ramblings, everything is done to delegimize the state of Israel. Better late than ever, though. Watch this clip. It is excellent. It brings the facts about the real history of Israel up to light, not the lies of the Third Reich, the European Union, the Roman Catholic Church and their stooges. If you want to educate your mind with real information on Israel and the area of Palestine, that video is the place to start.

Caroline Glick on a few Israel-related subjects: Livni, options and the next Lebanese war

The excellent Caroline Glick stikes back with some good articles on Israel’s political situation. Among several subjects, she comments here on Israel’s opposition leader Tzipi Livni, former Foreign Minister, who has embraced the international Left and the Palestinian cause for her own political gain, at the detriment of the interests…of her own people. Considering that during WWII six millions of her compatriots were exterminated by the nazi regime, there is only one word that can be used to describe such political action: treason. With « friends » like that, you don’t need enemies. It is one thing to be an opportunist but it is another to deliver your own people into the hands of butchers, and that is exactly what Livni is doing. What is wrong with her? She makes me think to those Jews who collaborated with the Nazis during WWII, thinking that their lives would be spared. Sometimes they were, sometimes not, especially when they became useless. There is no difference today between the Left and the Extreme-Right. It is one and the same. The words and the clothing might be different, but in the end it is all about ripping off the poor…and killing the Jews. She should think about it, because the State of Israel is the only thing that prevents the mass-extermination of Jews and that’s why so much enemies are pressing at its doors these days. In the other two articles, Glick analyses Israel’s options and the possible start of a war with Lebanon. Good work!

Tzipi Livni

Israel’s only two options

The next Lebanese War