Kanon the Preacher: What is wrong with that kid?

Seeing this video gave me pause. Is he possessed, mind-controlled or brainwashed? Or is he under some kind of hypnotic suggestion or control from the outside? Is there a spirit, a ghost that has taken control of him? To exhibit such kind of behavior at this age is not normal. I suspect that there is something wrong that is interfering in the normal development of that child. Every child has the right to receive the best education and treatment possible to permit him/her to grow up sanely and in a healthy way. I can understand the propaganda purpose of an adult preacher who would say that there is only one god and that this god is no one else than Jesus, but these words don’t mean anything in the mouth of a child. Only a grown man or woman can talk about and understand the deep significations of theological and philosophical subtleties. Care is of the essence here.

Floods and fires in Canada. Is someone playing HAARP on us?

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Since a couple of weeks, there are a few environmental crises that are happening in this country. Mainly, you have the floods in the Provinces of Quebec, Manitoba and New Brunswick. There are floods along the Mississippi River in the United States as well. And you have fires in the Province of Alberta. What I find particularly odd, is that floods are happening these days only where you find important numbers of French-Canadians. The Province of Quebec, where they are the majority; Manitoba where they are just a few but where it used to be home of Patriot Louis Riel; in New Brunswick where there are a good proportion of them…and along the Mississippi River, which was explored thoroughly by French navigators Louis Jolliet, Jacques Marquette and Pierre LeMoyne d’Iberville, among others. Remember that when the French abandon the continent and the British Crown took over Canada, French-Canadians living in the area called in these times Acadia but today New Brunswick, were deported to Louisiana. And you know that you can’t separate the Mississippi River from the State of Louisiana.

As well, you have gigantic fires in the Province of Alberta, where winds have suddenly « changed » direction to consume entire villages in minutes. A region called « Slave Lake » is seriously hurt. Alberta is the area of Canada where you find oil sands. Production is under way for several years now and eventually, we will be able to become indepedent in terms of energy. That will make us safer toward countries that sponsor terrorism, such as countries of the Gulf and others. But now with these fires, production is halted in part and the Rainbow Pipeline, which is a key structure, is shut down. Question: are French-Canadians judged to be a liability in North America, ripe to be blackmailed and threatened using « natural » catastrophies to keep us down? Is Alberta judged to be too militant or fierce or too intense in its desire to make the country independent in terms of energy? Does that tickles the oil power elite of the world? Or the Third Reich that doesn’t like Canada’s position on Israel? Or something else? Does the fact that the area specifically affected is named « Slave Lake » mean something special that we should understand? In other terms that we are slaves and that we should remain as such for our own sake? Check the articles below. If your mind needs to be refreshed with some technical notions on HAARP, please consult the HAARP and Tesla Technology section on the right side of this page. Also, to have an idea of what kind of international regulations do exist on the use of electro-magnetic weaponry, please check as well these links on the ENMOD convention, here and here

Richelieu River in Quebec



Alberta fires

Alberta and oil

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