The symbolic execution of Osama bin Laden: a reverse 9/11 and the burial of the most wanted bogeyman

Well, it was due to happen one day or another. After all, its hard to have a bogeyman walking around free and not catch him. According to the official version, bin Laden has been hiding in a compound in Pakistan for years. The CIA, with the help of a courier who had access to the building, located him. So the President gave the order for the assault. After the execution, his body was allegedly transported to the sea where he was given to it in respect, or so we are told, to Islamic practices.

Well…I have a few questions, as many of us have. First, how come that the most well financed and organized intelligence agency in the world, or at least supposedly, the CIA, can’t find Osama bin Laden immediately after 9/11? How come it took them 10 years before being able to locate him? In an earlier post, I presented you a few extracts of one of late William Cooper‘s radio show The Hour of the Time. In that show, Cooper makes the case that a CNN reporter was able to find Osama bin Laden in June 2001, with a camera crew, but that the CIA couldn’t find him nevertheless, with all their resources. Don’t you find it strange? And don’t you find it strange too that the CIA, knowing at that point where bin Laden was, didn’t do anything to capture him before 9/11? The CNN reporter could have led the CIA to bin Laden’s cache, case closed. But apparently, it was not that important to catch bin Laden after all. Second, if in fact he was hiding in Pakistan, what is the level of involvement of the Pakistani government, military or intelligence service in this? If that’s the case, they were definitely playing behind our backs, but that would be consistent with the ISI modus operandi anyway. Third, the Americans can’t produce the body… How convenient. Also, the Administration said it can’t produce any photographs of bin Laden’s body because these might be too graphic and bloody and could thus inflame reactions in the Muslim world. Again, how convenient. No body, no photos. In a court of law, these proceedings would be turn down. Any violent death and its cause has to be authenticated by a coroner. The Special Forces proceeded with a burial at sea, supposedly to be in conformity with Islamic Law. It made the body disappear however, so it is impossible for anyone to confirm and authentify the identity and death of the world’s most famous bogeyman. A few reactions came already from the Muslim world saying that this burial at sea was not at all in conformity with Islamic Law. 2000 years ago, the body of Jesus was snatched and now it is bin Laden’s body that is. Are they trying to tell us something here? Fourth, the Administration said that a DNA test was performed and that bin Laden’s identity was confirmed at 99,9%. However, according to a Canadian doctor in my area, apparently a DNA test takes 3 weeks to complete. So? How come they managed to have the results in just a few hours or minutes after the « death »?

Now what? Why then proceeding with this operation? Symbolically, it was important for America to show that it could prevail, defeat Al-Qaeda and reverse the logic of 9/11. After 10 years, it was about time. But it was important too for Obama to show that he had what is necessary for the job. Earlier last week, he presented his birth certificate to the press in response to conspiracy theorists and far-right activists, who are specialists in smear campaigns by the way, and who have pretended for years that Obama was not really an American citizen according to the Constitution. Furthermore, in that sense, it is a direct response to people like Glenn Beck (see it here and here) who called more or less clearly for the murder of Democrats. Remember his famous line: « You’re going to have to shoot them in the head »? Well, that is very interesting because in the report of the operation presented by John Brennan, Assistant to the President on Homeland Security and Counter-Terrorism, to the press (watch the video below) he specifically mentionned that bin Laden was shot in the head… So, was this official narrative partially a response to Glenn Beck right-wing rampage? Possibly. On the other hand, it is definitely a response to the ISI. It is clear from all the clues that they have been playing a triple game with the Americans, the Russians and the Taliban. See my earlier post on that subject with the marvelous work of investigative reporters Elizabeth Gould and Paul Fitzgerald in Afghanistan. Finally, a small detail that was mentionned by John Brennan during the press conference of May 02 was that bin Laden was hiding behind women in his compound. They were allegedly acting as human shields to protect him. Again, we are in full narrative mode. It is, I think, a subliminal message. The Administration is suggesting that Islamic terrorists might use women has a mascarade to hide their presence. It is a direct reference to the use of the Islamic scarf or veil in the western world to Islamize it. Jihadists, fundamentalists, extremists, Islamists are hiding behind their women in an effort to infiltrate, corrode, corrupt, break down and submit our society. The Administration is trying to warn us about that. Thanks, I appreciate that.

Finally, like anyone else on Earth at this moment, I am stunned. I have the impression that a reverse 9/11 was played on us. For what purpose? I don’t know. Note that the operation was carefully timed to have the media hype surrounding it to coincide with Election Day in Canada. Canada sent troops to Afghanistan to capture bin Laden, at least that was the original official reason anyway. So to have bin Laden dead on Election Day in Canada cannot but help the Party in power, in this case the Conservative Party, get re-elected and that’s what happened. So it would be naive on our part to conceive that it was a coincidence this operation was conducted on the day before Election Day in Canada. But not only that. It was conducted on a sunday, which is the Day of the Lord, and on May 1st, which is the International Labour’s Day, a day celebrated by communists, socialists, workers, unions, etc. So, it is conceivable that it was manufactured as a counter-attack against certain elements in the world that are identified as being part of the international Third Reich or Bormann Capital Network and responsible for 9/11. But there’s more… The commemoration of the Holocaust, the Yom haShoah, is held in Canada on May 2nd. Again, I think it is not a coincidence if Prime Minister Harper chose this particular date for the election. It fits with the whole concept of protecting Israel and the « killing » of bin Laden plays greatly in the narrative of the commemoration. As well, the British Royal Family couple got married on the 29th of April, which was on Friday two days earlier. Friday is the day of Freyja, the goddess of fertility and love in Norse Mythology. We can see that all the symbols and key dates were united to have the maximum impact on the perceptions of the public. Before I let you go, I thought you would like to have a few statistics on Osama bin Laden and his links with the Bush Family and Saddam Hussein, provided by Dave Emory and his contributor Lucy Komisar from his marvelous website, SpitfireList.

To everyone who have participated in the manufacturing, crafting, engineering and realization of this operation, I say: well played. Frankly, I am impressed. This is absolutely in a league of its own in terms of intelligence.


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  1. The CIA seems to be aware of this which is just as well as the Taliban (another organisation entirely) yesterday announced their Spring Offensive and kicked it off with a suicide bombing.

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