G. Edward Griffin sur la montée du collectivisme

Excellente entrevue avec G. Edward Griffin sur le collectivisme. Entre autres sujets, l’auteur aborde ici l’imposture de la fracture Gauche-Droite. Cette division savamment entretenue par les élites chez les partisans politiques sert évidemment à saboter tout effort de réel changement social. Elle ne reflète pas la complexité des sociétés humaines. Les partis politiques se réclamant de la fracture Gauche-Droite servent donc davantage en fait à maintenir le statu quo qu’à faire avancer les sociétés humaines. Griffin aborde une plénitude de sujets divers qu’il amène pour exemplifier ou documenter son analyse de la montée de la tyrannie collectiviste.

The symbolic execution of Osama bin Laden: a reverse 9/11 and the burial of the most wanted bogeyman

Well, it was due to happen one day or another. After all, its hard to have a bogeyman walking around free and not catch him. According to the official version, bin Laden has been hiding in a compound in Pakistan for years. The CIA, with the help of a courier who had access to the building, located him. So the President gave the order for the assault. After the execution, his body was allegedly transported to the sea where he was given to it in respect, or so we are told, to Islamic practices.

Well…I have a few questions, as many of us have. First, how come that the most well financed and organized intelligence agency in the world, or at least supposedly, the CIA, can’t find Osama bin Laden immediately after 9/11? How come it took them 10 years before being able to locate him? In an earlier post, I presented you a few extracts of one of late William Cooper‘s radio show The Hour of the Time. In that show, Cooper makes the case that a CNN reporter was able to find Osama bin Laden in June 2001, with a camera crew, but that the CIA couldn’t find him nevertheless, with all their resources. Don’t you find it strange? And don’t you find it strange too that the CIA, knowing at that point where bin Laden was, didn’t do anything to capture him before 9/11? The CNN reporter could have led the CIA to bin Laden’s cache, case closed. But apparently, it was not that important to catch bin Laden after all. Second, if in fact he was hiding in Pakistan, what is the level of involvement of the Pakistani government, military or intelligence service in this? If that’s the case, they were definitely playing behind our backs, but that would be consistent with the ISI modus operandi anyway. Third, the Americans can’t produce the body… How convenient. Also, the Administration said it can’t produce any photographs of bin Laden’s body because these might be too graphic and bloody and could thus inflame reactions in the Muslim world. Again, how convenient. No body, no photos. In a court of law, these proceedings would be turn down. Any violent death and its cause has to be authenticated by a coroner. The Special Forces proceeded with a burial at sea, supposedly to be in conformity with Islamic Law. It made the body disappear however, so it is impossible for anyone to confirm and authentify the identity and death of the world’s most famous bogeyman. A few reactions came already from the Muslim world saying that this burial at sea was not at all in conformity with Islamic Law. 2000 years ago, the body of Jesus was snatched and now it is bin Laden’s body that is. Are they trying to tell us something here? Fourth, the Administration said that a DNA test was performed and that bin Laden’s identity was confirmed at 99,9%. However, according to a Canadian doctor in my area, apparently a DNA test takes 3 weeks to complete. So? How come they managed to have the results in just a few hours or minutes after the « death »? Continuer la lecture

The end of Glenn Beck’s right-wing rampage: Fox News shoots and scores!

Finally, Fox News most popular ranter has been dropped, or should I say, flushed. Right-wing network Fox News’s controversial host will certainly be remembered for his unappropriate comments and most of the times outrageously unacceptable attacks on everything that is liberal, leftist or progressive. But it is his comments on the Democrats in general that will be most remembered and specifically this line: « will we have to shoot them in the head? » Saddly, as we all saw, they appear to have inspired mind-control job Jared Lee Loughner to commit his killing rampage in Tucson, Arizona. In the months just prior to the shooting, Sarah Palin had also the same bad taste to present electoral billboards with targets on it where Democrat representatives were elected, just by coincidence, and that included Arizona.

Beck made the announcement himself on his show Wednesday, April the 6th. Among the many reasons we could find to justify this firing-in-disguise are declining ratings, tense relations between Beck and Fox president Roger Ailes, increasing difficulties to find advertisers ready to present their products during that kind of show, an older audience, etc. But let’s face it, there are more obvious motivations to why he would have been fired. To start with, he decided to expose George Soros for what he was, i.e. a Jewish nazi collaborator in Hungary. And second and most importantly, his calls for the murdering of Democrats. Fox News, even as a right-wing media, can’t live with such a bad publicity. Beck certainly attracts good ratings, he is popular, o.k. But there are limits to everything. When he made those calls to the murdering of Democrats, combined with George Soros’s reaction to his public exposure as a nazi collaborator, that was it. It was too much.

In the end, Beck is lucky to have had the opportunity to work in the United States. In Canada, after publicly saying that people should fire in the head members of a certain political party, a tv host would have been sent packing right away. Nobody would have been able to keep his job here. But in the United States, where fascism is much more advanced than in Canada, in principle at least, somebody can be a complete asshole and show absolutely no form of respect to anyone and get away with it. Well, Beck got away with it but only for a while. From now on, he will make other things, hopefully far away from progressives and liberals. As well, I am proposing the video where he announces that he will leave the network. What is most curious is that when you listen to him, you almost believe him. So either he is sincere in his crazyness or he is a goddamn good actor.


Globe and Mail

‘You’re going to have to shoot them in the head,’ Beck said of Democrat leaders

That is the brilliant declaration of Fox News conspiracy host Glenn Beck. After that, we wonder why episodes of violence occur… And Sarah Palin continues to refuse any responsability for what happened in Tucson, Arizona, after using a poster with Democrat targets.