Andy Bostom on John Brennan’s abuse of classified information, on Secure Freedom Radio

If you listen to that show, one thing will become very clear. At the top of western countries, a lot of them, we find people who are nothing short of communists. From their places of power and influence, they can empower and enable islamists and shariah-adherent operatives and use them to terrorize our population to force them into submission. Islamists are hired guns. They couldn’t do anything if they were not enabled by people from our own ranks who have betrayed western civilization and its values. That’s the Red-Green Axis in its full deployment. John Brennan is one of the many people who went down that road. Now it’s easy to understand what really took place during the Obama years, why it happened and how. All those years we couldn’t make heads or tails with what the Obama Administration was doing while it was in our face all along. The Arab Spring and the rising of ISIS didn’t happen spontaneously. The Obama Administration made it happen, and now the whole planet it stuck with the problem. To continue your research, I also provide the link for an article by Andy Bostom on this very subject:

John Brennan’s Useful Idiocy For Stalinism and Sharia

Political Correctness: Another tool to subvert western societies

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This video by The Free Congress Foundation presents the history of political correctness. In a nutshell, political correctness is the end result of cultural marxism. Cultural marxism was created to reformat classical marxism in a world where workers had proven not to be that interested in undertaking any significant revolutions. Early thinkers of cultural marxism, evolving in and around what came to be called the « Frankfurt School », tried to merge Freud and Marx in the same practical theory. This new version of marxism was basically saying that all humans were by default in a state of alienation and that they had to fight to liberate themselves from this cultural slavery. Of course, western civilization was identified as the big bad wolf. Incidently, the « Frankfurt School », originally founded under the name of the Institute for Marxism moved to the United States when Hitler took power, and was renamed the Institute for Social Research. In essence, the process of migration from classical marxism to cultural marxism corresponds to what has been labelled the « New Left ». That’s why totalitarians of all stripes, communists, Islamists, nazis, regroup under this umbrella today: they all have the same desire in common, i.e. to destroy western society. Among others, thinkers such as Herbert Marcuse, Theodor Adorno and Erich Fromm joined that school and were very influential.

N.B.: The Free Congress Foundation seems to be a rather right-wing organization, if not fascist in nature. In effect, they joined the attack on the Menwith Hill listening post in the U.K., an installation that is crucial to North American and United Kingdom’s national security. Their line-up includes, and he is featured in this video, Laszlo Pasztor, a fellow who is a veteran of the Arrow Cross, a fascist organization in Hungary that fought alongside with Nazi Germany. Nevertheless, this document remains a good representation of what political correctness is as a phenomenon, what problems it creates and toward what direction it drives societies. I just wanted to make that caveat before you watch the document.

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Entrevue exceptionnelle d’Éric Zemmour sur la féminisation des hommes en Occident

Décidément, cet Éric Zemmour est un débatteur et un orateur hors pair. Dans cette entrevue exceptionnelle, présentée sans montage, Zemmour nous parle tour à tour du féminisme, de la féminisation des hommes, du désarroi des femmes, de la négation des genres sexuels volontairement entretenue, du « fémininement correct », etc. Selon Zemmour, le couple aujourd’hui est déifié, alors qu’à d’autres époques il n’était absolument pas important. « Aujourd’hui, les hommes ne sont plus les hommes de leur petite amie mais les copines de leurs petites amies », dit-il. L’individu autonome est en perte de vitesse. La manie du monde moderne vaincu à la féminisation est de percevoir les sexes comme étant égaux, indifférenciés et interchangeables. Ceux qui tentent de combattre ou de résister à cette tendance sont accusés d’être « machos », accusation qui rappelle celle d’être « fasciste » lancée par les militants communistes envers leurs opposants dans les années ’30. Certains groupes minoritaires comme les féministes et les gais travaillent pour maintenir l’indifférenciation entre les sexes. Comme nous vivons dans une époque de consommation, tout le monde a été transformé en femmes. Il souligne avec justesse que les figures de proue du féminisme, telles Simone de Beauvoir et autres, faisaient parti des classes aisées et n’ont jamais connu la domination. Ces femmes de la haute-bourgeoisie ont volé le statut de prolétaire aux vraies prolétaires. Ce sont plutôt les paysans, hommes et femmes, qui l’ont connue. (Notez que l’on pourrait dire la même chose de Karl Marx en rapport avec le capitalisme — note du webmestre.) Continuer la lecture