Interview with Gab founder and CEO Andrew Torba on Infowars

In this interview with Alex Jones on Infowars, Gab founder and CEO Andrew Torba discusses the circumstances in which his social-media website, Gab, has been the target of a coordinated attack by the elites and the liberal media to make him and his platform the scapegoat of the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh. Paypal and other providers have announced following the shooting that they would no longer do business with Gab, as if the social-media was responsible for the actions of the shooter (who had an account on Gab). This is completely silly but all too familiar. Besides, one wonders if the Big Tech companies (such as Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc) have not seized the occasion on the aftermath to try to knock off one of their competitors. The last portion of the video is particularly delicious, where Jones makes a summary of the very bad situation in which we find ourselves in. The communist Chinese are imposing their worldview and their system little by little, in total silence, and most of the people don’t even notice it.

Henrik Palmgren presents the head of the Swedish National Heritage Board…

Like in many other western countries, Sweden has turned over to foreigners the task of defining who we are as people, cultures and societies. Henrik Palmgren presents us here the head of a governmental institution in Sweden, the Swedish National Heritage Board, a fellow by the name of Qaisar Mahmood, a man of pakistani origin. It is curious how our fellow nationals see the world. Everything that exists in Europe or the Americas has been built by people of European descent (before we used to say Indo-European). Roads, bridges, farms, lands for agriculture, schools, institutions, everything was done by us. To take the example of Canada, when the French and British colonists came (note here the use of the term ‘colonists’ and not ‘immigrants’) there was nothing. The land was an immense forest and they had to cut all the trees and build the roads to create a country out of these woods. When it was time to work hard, with a lot of sweat, immigrants and refugees were nowhere to see, with the exception of course of Africans who were brought by force. But now that our societies are fully developed, with plenty of resources, wealth, food, services, women and land, they all want to come here and teach us how to live, while plundering our resources. I am sorry but we have built these countries and we don’t have to take lessons from anyone from these so-called third-world countries. These dubious characters are trying to rewrite our history in an effort to replace our culture, religion and traditions by their own. One of the most comical attempt to rewrite western history is made by certain Arab or Muslim activists when they try to make the case that Vikings were Muslims! So, in supplement to Henrik Palmgren’s presentation of Qaisar Mahmood, I also join an earlier show of Red Ice TV where the theory of the Muslim Vikings was explored.

Entrevue avec Laurent Obertone sur son dernier livre, Guerilla

Dans le roman d’anticipation intitulé Guerilla, Laurent Obertone présente le scénario-catastrophe d’une France aux prises avec une guerre civile lors de laquelle des émeutes en banlieues s’additionnent à des actes terroristes. Si l’auteur ne souhaite pas, évidemment, que ce scénario se réalise, après avoir parlé avec différents membres de la police et du renseignement, il craint néanmoins qu’il soit possible. Il présente ici les grandes lignes de ce livre sur les ondes de TV Libertés.

Entrevue avec Nick Adams sur la rectitude politique

L’auteur australien Nick Adams définit la rectitude politique comme étant une idéologie totalitaire qui est en train de dévorer le monde entier. Adams, durant cette entrevue d’une heure accordée à Frank Gaffney sur les ondes de Secure Freedom Radio, passe en revue les différents éléments du problème de la rectitude politique, ainsi que les forces en présence, comme les gauchistes de tout poil, les islamistes, les activistes qui s’attaquent à la liberté d’expression et l’utilisation qu’ils font de la victimisation, etc. Il regarde également des phénomènes comme l’immigration de masse et les migrants en relation avec la rectitude politique. Une entrevue à ne pas manquer.

Nick Adams sur Secure Freedom Radio