Political Correctness: Another tool to subvert western societies

© Boroda | Dreamstime.com

This video by The Free Congress Foundation presents the history of political correctness. In a nutshell, political correctness is the end result of cultural marxism. Cultural marxism was created to reformat classical marxism in a world where workers had proven not to be that interested in undertaking any significant revolutions. Early thinkers of cultural marxism, evolving in and around what came to be called the « Frankfurt School », tried to merge Freud and Marx in the same practical theory. This new version of marxism was basically saying that all humans were by default in a state of alienation and that they had to fight to liberate themselves from this cultural slavery. Of course, western civilization was identified as the big bad wolf. Incidently, the « Frankfurt School », originally founded under the name of the Institute for Marxism moved to the United States when Hitler took power, and was renamed the Institute for Social Research. In essence, the process of migration from classical marxism to cultural marxism corresponds to what has been labelled the « New Left ». That’s why totalitarians of all stripes, communists, Islamists, nazis, regroup under this umbrella today: they all have the same desire in common, i.e. to destroy western society. Among others, thinkers such as Herbert Marcuse, Theodor Adorno and Erich Fromm joined that school and were very influential.

N.B.: The Free Congress Foundation seems to be a rather right-wing organization, if not fascist in nature. In effect, they joined the attack on the Menwith Hill listening post in the U.K., an installation that is crucial to North American and United Kingdom’s national security. Their line-up includes, and he is featured in this video, Laszlo Pasztor, a fellow who is a veteran of the Arrow Cross, a fascist organization in Hungary that fought alongside with Nazi Germany. Nevertheless, this document remains a good representation of what political correctness is as a phenomenon, what problems it creates and toward what direction it drives societies. I just wanted to make that caveat before you watch the document.

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