Ayers and Dohrn, Barack Obama, the death of Andrew Breitbart and the rise of Third Position fascism

(06-08-2012) N.B.: Before I let you read the article, here are a couple of points that I posted on SpitfireList.com on May 20th 2012 as a response to some criticism about the article from the website host. These remarks should serve as caveat, precisions, to be able to put into context the core of the text. I admit that this article was a reckless attempt, not necessarily successful, to explain and put into context something rather difficult to conceptualize. In the end, I think Obama is a good man but he is surrended by people who are not and who are trying to seize the occasion to do harm. Here it is:

Thanks for these remarks. I will clar­ify a few points just to be sure we agree on my posi­tions con­cern­ing Obama and the rest. Maybe the writ­ing of my arti­cle could be improved to reflect that.

First, I have never said that OBAMA killed Bre­it­bart or that he wanted to kill him. He nev­er­the­less signed, if I am not mis­taken, an Exec­u­tive Order that legal­izes tar­get­ted assas­si­na­tions of Amer­i­can cit­i­zens. Some­body else could have done it. Maybe.

Sec­ond, I have never said that Obama was third posi­tion. It is rather the crowd sur­round­ing him and with whom he evolved that gives me that impres­sion. For me, the Chicago milieu is bad and breeds rad­i­cals. But the right is not any bet­ter, of course.

Third, I agree, the Weath­er­men were prob­a­bly agent provocateurs.

Fourth, con­cern­ing Israel, reli­gious Zion­ism is prob­a­bly wrong as you say, but we must not for­get that Israelis face anni­hi­la­tion not only since 1922 (that’s 1917 in fact- Ed), year of the Bal­four Dec­la­ra­tion, but since the begin­nings of Chris­tian­ity. John Loftus’s The Secret War Against the Jews remains, for me, the best tool to under­stand the sit­u­a­tion. When the fate of the Jews is secured, the state of Israel is secured, we will have plenty of time to crit­i­cize Zion­ism and Netanyahu or any other politi­cian in place. I don’t like Netanyahu court­ing right-wingers, but there is not much of a choice. Obama is not favor­able toward Israel and the U.S. has only two parties…

Fifth, yes, Obama is very dif­fer­ent from Bush. Ide­aly, if we could com­bine the best of the two in just one can­di­date, that would be great. But unfor­tu­nately, it doesn’t work like that it seems.

I kept it brief and I hope it clar­i­fies things.


The recent death of Andrew Breitbart has opened a Pandora’s box. The controversy has raged over the fact that he was very vocal during the whole month of February about releasing, on March 1st, some tapes that would irremediably hurt Barack Obama and seriously undermine his chances to get re-elected. Apparently, the videos show Barack Obama during his college days with radicals. The fact that he died only hours before having the occasion to do so, has led many in political circles to ask themselves whether or not Breitbart could have been eliminated. The sudden heart attack that brought him down is seen by certain people as possibly only the official version of the story. Well, we may never know what really happened. However, this event has opened a rift, so to speak, in the political analysis spectrum, and now certain connections from the past emerge on the surface. A first tape has been released on March 7th. It shows Barack Obama during his college days at Harvard University endorsing and hugging Derrick Bell, a controversial professor who expressed radical leftist ideas about race. The hugging part of the video was censored at the time of the Presidential Election to avoid doing any damage to Obama’s campaign.

A thread is common and I want to present it to you. Kevin Coogan, a marvelous author, has written a book titled Dreamer of the Day: Fran­cis Parker Yockey and the Post­war Fas­cist Inter­na­tional. This book presents the political philosophy of Francis Parker Yockey, a post-war fascist political thinker. In a nutshell, Yockey wanted to breed a new kind of fascism where nazism/fascism, communism and Islam would merge, along with elements characteristic of Third World sensibilities, to create a new form of fascism that didn’t exist before WWII. Uniting the Far-Left and the Far-Right, with the Iran of the Ayatollahs and the Nation of Islam, was a priority and a goal in itself for him. Continuer la lecture

Conférence de Guy Millière à Miami Beach: Il dénonce l’agenda islamiste et pro-palestinien de Barack Hussein Obama

Guy Millière analyse ici de façon frappante les raisons qui nous ont amenés dans le merdier international dans lequel nous sommes. Barack « Hussein » Obama n’est pas celui que l’on nous a vendu. Il a un passé d’islamiste et de gauchiste pro-palestinien. À Chicago, il est vrai qu’il s’est impliqué dans des groupes communautaires, mais c’étaient des groupes d’obédience islamiste et/ou pro-palestinienne, ça, c’est le bout que l’on ne nous a pas mentionné. Selon le chercheur anti-fasciste Dave Emory, Obama a été délibérément lié avec des islamistes et des activistes pro-palestiniens par des gens comme Karl Rove et Grover Norquist, de façon à lui faire prendre le blâme pour toute une série de problèmes et catastrophes qui allaient subvenir. Emory appelle ces manoeuvres politiques, « badjacketing ». Pour entrer dans les détails de l’analyse, voyez les liens en bas de page. Vers l’âge de 20 ans, Millière se rend en Palestine dans un camp de « réfugiés ». Là-bas, il se rend compte que ces « réfugiés » sont en fait des activistes professionels. Entre autres, on lui présente un exemplaire de Mein Kampf, l’ouvrage d’Adolf Hitler, et il assiste à des « cours » dans lesquels on montre aux enfants comment égorger des Juifs sous le regard approbateur des parents. Ce n’est seulement qu’ensuite qu’il se rend en Israel.

Millière dit les choses telles quelles sont. L’Israel présenté dans les médias de France n’existe pas. Les médias français sont tous des Pravda. Le Monde, entre autres, est le pire. Il compare le « Printemps arabe » à des « jacqueries », faisant référence aux soulèvements de paysans français de 1358. Selon Millière, la civilisation musulmane va s’effondrer dans dix ans au maximum. Étant donné qu’elle n’est pas porteuse d’innovation, qu’elle est stérile, elle va mourir, surtout avec le déclin démographique. L’Europe de son côté est au bord du sinistre et Obama ne fait rien pour aider la situation, au contraire. Obama met en place toute une série de politiques qui déstabilisent le monde. Millière finit en disant que, dans l’histoire, quand les États-Unis se sont montrés forts, la démocratie a avancé ou s’est fortifiée, et quand ils se sont montrés faibles, la démocratie a reculé. C’est ainsi que l’on doit comprendre les événements qui se passent présentement. Le deuxième vidéo nous présente la période de questions qui a suivi la conférence.

Conference GUY MILLIERE Miami Beach 1ere partie par Mael_Chemla

Conference GUY MILLIERE Miami Beach 2ere partie par Mael_Chemla

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