Interview with David Icke about 5G wireless radiation on Press For Truth

David Icke makes a good summary of the situation of the future of humanity with 5G. Among other points, Icke suggests during the interview that people with higher levels of consciousness might be protected from the effects of 5G radiation. I hope that’s the case but I doubt that it will be enough. The quantity of radiation that will be bombarded at us with 5G will be so massive that it is difficult to see how somebody could escape it unharmed. A very good and very timely interview.

Dimitri Christakis on how TV affects the brain of young children

Great presentation about a reality that a lot among us understood, thought about or suspected but couldn’t nevertheless express in scientific terms. In a nutshell, here are the highlights: The brain of young children triple in size during the first two years. Too little stimulation for babies is as bad as too much. Television, through non-stop screen changes, overstimulate the brain of young children, which is likely to create attention deficits later in life. The more young children watch television before the age of 3, the more likely they are to develop attention problems… Frightening but probably true.  I am glad that I threw my television set out in the garbage can. That was a good decision.