The ‘coup’ against Red Ice TV and independent media…

We are passing through extremely dark times. The recent solar eclipse is a mind-blowing expression of that. Decent and honest people are being attacked and destroyed while crooks and killers get away with almost anything. Why is that? It is difficult to give a definitive answer as this problem is multifaceted. The hacking of Red Ice TV website is a good example of what we are going through. The website is owned and run by a young couple, Henrik Palmgren and Lana Lokteff. They belong to a fringe movement of the political right, called the Alt-Right. You probably heard of that movement. Their website was taken down during the events of the Charlottesville rally called Unite the Right in which one person died and several people were injured after clashes between participants and protesters. I can say that although there are things that I would phrase differently, I do support the work that they do. They do an important service to the community by providing a platform to political dissidents and free thinkers in the United States and worldwide. Their resource is absolutely indispensable in these terrible times we are getting through. Yet their website was hacked, supposedly by the ‘antifa’, but it remains to be seen who did it. Here are some of my reflections on the subject.

First, anybody that took a look at their material could see that more than often they provide opportunities to people who are extremely critical of not only Muslims but also of Jews and⁄or Israel, and of non-white ethnic groups in particular. I believe that nobody is above critical thinking. If somebody has something to say about a certain group or a certain category of individuals, if it is sound and rational, we should celebrate that as a great contribution to society. But clearly, there are people who don’t think this way.

Second, and this is a crucial point, their website provide what we could call ‘free TV’. In effect, they often livestream political gatherings on their website, events that they participate in or that represent important milestones in the political sphere. As such, they may be seen as an unjust competition. There is absolutely no publicity on their website. Their activities are funded by their listeners and viewers through voluntary contributions. It goes without saying that big TV networks are probably frustrated and angry about Red Ice TV and other websites of the same type such as The Rebel, etc. Put yourself in the shoes of the big TV networks for a moment. They pump up millions and millions of dollars into their channels. But the more money they put in, the crappier the content gets. When I was a kid, there was only four channels on TV and for today’s standards, it was rather good. Now you have 500 channels and the content is terrible most of the time. Marshall McLuhan has written extensively on the nature of the media. ‘The medium in the message’, he was saying. Well, that’s the point. TV is like a bottle of sauce. The amount of sauce in it is finite. If you take that sauce and try to put into more bottles, it only dilutes the sauce more and more. At one point, there is no sauce anymore but water that’s what is happening with TV. Playing directly in this phenomenon is the obsession of specialization. When zapping, you can fall on a channel dedicated to the preparation of omelettes on July sunday mornings every Year of the Dragon. Well…I am joking but does it need to be that specialized? Probably not. As I have said, TV was much better when there was only a handful of channels and that was before specialization occurred.

So again, put yourself in the shoes of big TV network producers. You have a bunch of kids or young adults creating excellent TV, almost for free, and offering it for free to the world! Big TV is certainly not happy about that. The shows that independent media offer on the web are far better than the ones that you get from the ‘official’ TV. I am not saying that they are the ones who hacked Red Ice TV but let’s say that they wouldn’t mind, really. Independent media content creators make their own TV, film themselves with regular cameras and cellphones, and livestream or upload their shows on the web at a fraction of the cost…It is often said that big newspapers are losing readership, that it is falling year after year and that certain ones are on the path to bankruptcy. But it is also true for TV. It is very expensive to put on the air and the viewers are dropping it in favor of the internet that offers content that is interactive, new, bold and edgy. Personally, I don’t see any solution for big TV networks. They will continue to fall apart. TV, in its present form, is a medium that belongs to the past.

Another part of the problem is censorship and control. Just take a look at the number of hosts that have lost their jobs recently at Fox News for example. Fox News is good TV network, of right-wing orientation, that provides a platform for people that you don’t hear on the other networks. Guests come from the right-wing in general, they are Republicans, libertarians, conservatives, etc. But the content is made for a general public, not a smaller fringe like the Alt-Right or some other orientation. You have to be blind not to see that a certain ‘purge’ is going on at Fox that seems to follow the purge that is happening also at the same time in the Trump Administration. Those who were supporting Trump the most enthusiastically, such as Andrea Tantaros and Bill O’Reilly are no longer there. I am not getting into the specific reasons about why these hosts were fired or have resigned, I don’t work at Fox News so I don’t know what is going on there, all I am just saying is that a lot of them were supporting Trump and that is not a coincidence.

To come back at the hacking of Red Ice TV website, the hacking happened on the very day of the Unite the Right rally when they were en route to the event or just on arrival. I already talked about the rally itself so you can read my analysis in this previous article. We know that the State of Emergency was declared rather early as the event was starting. And that’s rather relevant here because in any standard State of Emergency law, or martial law, you may have provisions that allow the government to take control of communications. You don’t need a big IQ to figure out that somebody used the State of Emergency as a pretext to take down the site, or that somebody just waited for them to leave their apartment as the two hosts were departing for Charlottesville. I am joining two Youtube videos in which they themselves talk about the incident as they went through it and the possible leads of investigations that they have.

Why am I writing about that subject? Because although you may think that ‘it doesn’t concern me’ or ‘it is good for them if they did something wrong’ or ‘I am not getting involved’ or ‘it is not my concern’ you are next. If our elites can do that to a young couple, with a young baby, destroy their business and their livelihood and you don’t come to their defense, who is gonna take your defense when it is your turn? What happened to Red Ice TV and at the Charlottesville rally is unacceptable. What happened to the Jews during World War Two was a test-run. It is obvious that our globalist elites are preparing that same fate for all of us. Master crooks and thieves, of a caliber never seen, are at work. Regardless of the color of our skin, regardless of our religion, our values, our ethnic background, we will be subjected to the most brutal totalitarian regime that the Earth has ever known, unless we make a serious course correction. In effect, you have to understand that Hitler and Stalin didn’t have the technology that we have today. That technology gives the power to take total control. We have embraced technologies that allow our elites to know everything about every single individual anywhere on the planet. Our civilizational ship is a Titanic on a collision course and when the impact occurs, you are going to feel it, believe me. A few days ago, North Korea was able to launch a missile that flew over Japan and it was not taken down. But yet, we find the time and the energy to take down some websites and Youtube channels that express hate and racism…Don’t you think that our priorities are not the good ones? I will write a follow up on that article, focussing on tips and advice. For the moment, I will leave you with Henrik and Lana. Listen to what they have to say. Again, I repeat that the fact that you agree or disagree with them and their political ideas is not the issue. The issue is freedom of speech and our future as free men and women. If we don’t fight back against these very dangerous people who are trying to take control of the planet, our children and grandchildren will only have a life of misery and pain in slave labor camps. That’s what is looming on the horizon, folks.

Pour en finir avec le « scandale » de la NSA

Les révélations d’Edward Snowden sur l’espionnage des communications de citoyens américains et étrangers effectué par la NSA font la manchette depuis plusieurs semaines déjà et provoquent des réactions épidermiques partout chez la classe politique locale et internationale. Mais, pour bien comprendre ce qui est en jeu ici, encore faut-il voir le problème dans son essence même et non pas perdre son temps avec des balivernes. En fait, ce que Snowden a « révélé » est une très vieille nouvelle. Tout le monde était au courant…parce que tout le monde le fait. L’espionnage est au moins aussi vieux que la politique. Ça fait des millénaires que les pays et les empires, alliés ou ennemis, s’espionnent mutuellement car ils recherchent tous la même chose: le pouvoir, le territoire et les ressources. Alors de voir ainsi les Merkel, Hollande et autres dirigeants politiques faire les vierges offensées face à ces « graves révélations » d’Edward Snowden fait rire. Vous pouvez gager votre chemise que dans chaque pays il y a au moins une agence de renseignement qui fait exactement la même chose que la NSA. Peut-être pas aussi efficacement, peut-être pas avec les mêmes moyens, mais chaque pays investit beaucoup d’énergie et de ressources dans ce domaine car c’est la nature même du jeu politique. Le fait que les États-Unis sont supposés être un « allié » de la France ou de l’Allemagne n’a rien à voir avec ce qui est en cause. Les pays veulent du renseignement car le renseignement, c’est le nerf de la guerre.

Nous vivons à l’ère de Big Brother et du Meilleur des Mondes. Le socialisme a triomphé. L’invention du terrorisme, ou sa récupération en fait par l’oligarchie qui gouverne le monde, a réussi à atteindre ce but ultime pour tous les États du monde: pouvoir fourrer leur nez partout dans la vie privée des gens, sans raison, sans motif et sans mandat. Le goulag en Union Soviétique qui était une installation située en un lieu géographique précis a été étendu à la grandeur du globe. C’est la Terre qui est le goulag maintenant. Nous sommes observés jour et nuit par des caméras, des satellites, des agents de renseignement, des espions, et tout ça évidemment pour notre « bien »… Vous pensez pouvoir travailler tranquillement quand votre patron n’est pas là, loin de son regard? Détrompez-vous. Des caméras cachées et parfois même des micros enregistrent vos moindres faits et gestes sur votre lieu de travail. Votre patron sait quand vous prenez votre pause, si vous vous décrottez le nez, ce que vous mangez à votre poste de travail, et surtout, avec qui et quand vous avez des relations sexuelles dans les toilettes. Vous pensez pouvoir relaxer sur une place publique lors d’une journée de congé? Vous pouvez relaxer évidemment mais une caméra de surveillance installée sur le toit d’un immeuble ou d’un lampadaire vous observera. Si votre visage est connu des services de renseignement, un logiciel de reconnaissance faciale vous repérera tout de suite. Une voiture de police passera probablement pour jeter un coup d’oeil à ce que vous faites. Vous croyez pouvoir chanter dans votre douche en toute intimité et pouvoir « fausser » la note sans que cela ne choque personne? Détrompez-vous. Un satellite pointe sur vous et votre performance est enregistrée. Un agent de renseignement l’analysera et, selon le cas, rira de vous ou au contraire placera votre nom en priorité si jamais vous soumettez votre candidature au concours American Idol ou si vous envoyez un démo chez une compagnie de disques. Vous pensez que ce que vous achetez au supermarché ne regarde que vous? Détrompez-vous. Si vous payez avec une carte bancaire, quelqu’un accédera à la transaction, regardera ce que vous achetez et refilera l’information à des compagnies qui pourront l’utiliser pour leurs stratégies de marketing, cibler leur marché de vente, etc.

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