Entrevue avec Karen Kingston sur l’internet des objets et des humains dans le cadre de la vaccination pour la covid-19

Joe Imbriano commente le décès de Anne Heche

Avec beaucoup de perspicacité, Joe Imbriano en vient à la conclusion que l’automobile de Anne Heche a probablement fait l’objet d’une prise de contrôle externe, via la connectivité des services internet et bluetooth. De plus, le fait que Anne Heche essayait de s’extirper de l’enveloppe mortuaire (body bag), comme on peut le voir sur les images captées par les caméras de surveillance, laisse croire qu’on essayait de probablement de lui enlever la vie en fait. Aussi, Anne Heche travaillait depuis quelque temps sur un projet de film exposant le trafic sexuel des enfants. L’ensemble des éléments pointe vers l’exécution pure et simple de Anne Heche. Je joins une vidéo de Greg Reese où il fait la même analyse.

Ken Pereira nous parle de la manoeuvre du ‘kill switch’ qui sera utilisée bientôt pour mettre en place la dictature

Some suggestions to President Trump for his social media strategy…

President Trump’s social media strategy is completely wrong and inadequate. You don’t need to be a genious to see that his newly created platform doesn’t meet the standards for a previous President of the United States. It is not interactive, there are no videos and it looks more like some archives of a message board from the ’90s than of a real platform. I don’t know who advise him on that but they obviously they don’t have a clue. So let me make some suggestions here.

President Trump shoud simply go where the American people, his base, is. Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are lost causes. As they censor more and more, they will eventually collapse under the weight of their own censorship. To expect that they might change is naive and a waste of time. So what President Trump needs to do is to create accounts on new platforms that represent the future of communication. You know, the kind of platforms that were not created by DARPA for spying on, controlling the perceptions of and waging war on the people. President Trump can claim the account under his name at Gab. That platform is a good replacement for Twitter and has videos capabilities. VK is a good replacement for Facebook and has video capabilities too. President Trump can easily replace both Twitter and Facebook by having official accounts there. Parler and Minds are other ones. Now concerning videos, there are numerous alternatives to Youtube: Bitchute, Odysee, Rumble, BrandNewTube, etc.

President Trump needs to engage directly with his fans, his base, instead of relying on the hope that, one day, Silicon Valley will allow him back on their outlets. I know that these other platforms might not look as sexy and shiny as the big ones but they represent the future. So we have to embrace them instead of whining about Big Tech. President Trump needs to create official accounts on all these platforms and deliver his tweets, posts and videos there. And then, engage directly with his base and fans by responding to the comments and reposts to create a dynamic. In other words, President Trump needs to do what his fans have been doing since 2016 when Big Tech started their censorship. He needs to encourage those who believe in freedom of speech and forget about the others. As a cornerstone, President Trump may have his own website or platform from where he launches and archives all of his communications. If President Trump doesn’t follow these simple suggestions, I am afraid that he will little by little fall into oblivion. The Biden Adminstration is in the process of completely destroying the United States. Time is running out. We need to start thinking outside the box very quickly. And we can do that by starting to do very simple things that get results. I hope my message will be heard.

David Icke nous entretient de la prochaine étape de la censure de l’internet qui s’annonce à l’horizon

Deux extraits d’entrevues avec Edward Snowden sur la cybersécurité

Nomos-TV commente le dossier de la censure de la chaîne Radio-Québec

Interview with Zach Vorhies, ex-Google software engineer, on Red Ice TV

There is one thing that we need to understand really quickly: We have been had. There is no such thing as a free lunch. There is a price for everything because there is a cost to everything. We have been naive enough to believe that we could use social media for free and that there was a not a catch. Big Tech companies don’t want our money. They want our data. They have ensnared us to give them that data by presenting their services as «free». Now that most of humans on the planet have been analyzed, classified and sold out, we find ourselves in a situation where our freedoms are being taken away from us. Clearly, our own data is being used against us. These Big Tech companies are monopolies that need to be broken and one wonders why Trump has done anything about it yet. Maybe it’s because they are american companies and that he doesn’t want to do anything that could harm them. Or maybe that’s because they are collecting intelligence for the United States and other governments and that is priceless… Who knows. In the end, the future of mankind will probably be decided by the way this situation is handled. Zach Vorhies talks here about his experience at Youtube and explores these issues with host Henrik Palmgren.