Trois émissions récentes de Red Ice TV sur l’actualité

Je partage ici quelques émissions récentes produites par Red Ice TV. Les médias de masse ne proposent que de la propagande. Afin de défendre nos droits et notre liberté, il est important que les citoyens s’informent convenablement sur l’état du monde et sur les événements marquants de l’actualité. Red Ice TV est une webtélé couvrant principalement la sphère américaine et européenne en fonction de la perspective et des intérêts des nationalistes et des patriotes de souche indo-européenne. Ces trois émissions couvrent notamment la question des récentes émeutes ethniques, du déboulonnage de statues des personnages historiques, des enclaves autonomistes, des attaques contre la police, des séances d’agenouillement, etc.

Dr Andrew Kaufman breaks down what really is Covid-19: Exosomes…

According to Dr Kaufman’s research, what is called Covid-19 is simply what is referred to as «exosomes», i.e. biological material that is produced by the cells to fight some form of assault on the human body. For those who would prefer something easier to assimilate, I also suggest an episode of Flashback Friday on Red Ice TV where the host, Henrik Palmgren, among several items, comments on that presentation by Dr Kaufman. The extract starts around 23:00 minutes.

Henrik Palmgren commente l’incendie de Notre-Dame-de-Paris sur Red Ice TV

Henrik Palmgren amène ici plusieurs faits intéressants sur lesquels réfléchir concernant l’incendie de Notre-Dame-de-Paris. L’élément le plus déterminant pour moi demeure la dimension spirituelle de l’architecture et du drame lui-même. J’en aurai plus à dire sur le sujet bientôt dans un prochain article. Pour l’instant, je vous invite à regarder cette vidéo (en anglais).

Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice TV comments on ‘Strike 2’ and a few other videos

The best way to fight back against censorship is to do the opposite, and that is to spread the good news and allow others who have not received it yet to be enlightened by it. Here I share some of the good shows, videos and interviews that Red Ice TV has made in recent months. If you like the information that you see here, do like me: share it with the people you know, on many platforms as possible. We are not going to win the battle for free speech against Google, Facebook, Twitter and Apple by leaving their platforms (for those who have not been kicked out yet). We have to stay on them and make it an issue that we have the right to be there as anyone else. Social-media platforms are not God and they are not the State, although they act as if they were. Real warriors never leave the battlefield before the fight is over. Conservatives in general, members of the Alt-Right movement, alternative media personalities, whoever we are, we have to continue the fight in this critical period of history. It is not up to Big Tech to decide who has the right to speak and who doesn’t. We have to stand our ground.

Sweden Special: Election meddling, civil unrest and immigration

In order, Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice TV comments on the recent elections in Sweden where there was evidence of meddling. The second video features Daniel Frandelov, interviewed by Palmgren, commenting on the riots and violence in Sweden, notably in the no-go zones. And third, the documentary ‘Testing Tolerance’ produced by RT covers the situation of massive immigration in Sweden and the problems that it brings.

The ongoing attack against Red Ice TV…

Alternative media Red Ice TV is under attack, again, because of their non-politically correct views. The latest development in this ongoing saga concerns the payment gateway for their website that has been shut down by Paypal. The consequence is that they can no longer receive the money that they use to receive from subscribers and members. Last year, at the time of the Unite The Right rally (that was a total set up), their website was hacked while they were on the road to the now famous nationalist gathering. Here is the video where they present the details of this new ordeal. When you look at it, it is obvious that it is the continuation of the hacking operation that took place last year during the nationalist rally. A week ago, they were just finished to be ready to start back production in their new studio…and this happens. It is obvious that whoever did this waited for the best timing to do it. In others terms, they let the hosts of Red Ice TV invest time, money, energy, etc, to sabotage it when it was done. That gives you and idea of the level of perversity and sickness of the people that we, nationalists, are fighting against. Anyway, we have to support people like that who do what they do. In case you haven’t notice, people who are ready to go against the current and show their faces in the media come in very short supply these days. We have no choice but to show support, our future is at stake. The next video features Lana Lokteff of Red Ice TV, asking President Trump to pass a law to protect his supporters (it is urgent!) against censorship and political discrimination.

Henrik Palmgren presents the head of the Swedish National Heritage Board…

Like in many other western countries, Sweden has turned over to foreigners the task of defining who we are as people, cultures and societies. Henrik Palmgren presents us here the head of a governmental institution in Sweden, the Swedish National Heritage Board, a fellow by the name of Qaisar Mahmood, a man of pakistani origin. It is curious how our fellow nationals see the world. Everything that exists in Europe or the Americas has been built by people of European descent (before we used to say Indo-European). Roads, bridges, farms, lands for agriculture, schools, institutions, everything was done by us. To take the example of Canada, when the French and British colonists came (note here the use of the term ‘colonists’ and not ‘immigrants’) there was nothing. The land was an immense forest and they had to cut all the trees and build the roads to create a country out of these woods. When it was time to work hard, with a lot of sweat, immigrants and refugees were nowhere to see, with the exception of course of Africans who were brought by force. But now that our societies are fully developed, with plenty of resources, wealth, food, services, women and land, they all want to come here and teach us how to live, while plundering our resources. I am sorry but we have built these countries and we don’t have to take lessons from anyone from these so-called third-world countries. These dubious characters are trying to rewrite our history in an effort to replace our culture, religion and traditions by their own. One of the most comical attempt to rewrite western history is made by certain Arab or Muslim activists when they try to make the case that Vikings were Muslims! So, in supplement to Henrik Palmgren’s presentation of Qaisar Mahmood, I also join an earlier show of Red Ice TV where the theory of the Muslim Vikings was explored.

La prière du dimanche (et de Noel): La parhélie de Suède…

«Ne désespérez pas, si le Soleil vous apparaît comme un disque noir! C’est parce que moi, que (sic) suis le Dieu Solaire, je ne réside plus dans cet astre; j’en suis descendu et je me suis uni à la terre.»

Le philosophe et occultiste Rudolf Steiner attribue cette déclaration solennelle au Christ dans son livre Lucifer et Ahriman. Le 1er décembre en Suède s’est produit un phénomène céleste peu fréquent nommé parhélie, produisant un halo solaire spectaculaire. En anglais, le terme de ‘sun dogs’ est souvent usité pour décrire ces démonstrations cosmiques. L’article que je joins ici de The Independent en fournit une explication scientifique (brève). Vous pourrez voir ce dont il s’agit dans le première vidéo plus bas. Or, l’apparition elle-même, i.e. l’image matérielle accessible à nos sens, nous révèle déjà bien des choses beaucoup plus profondes. Si l’on regarde les images du 1er décembre ainsi que celles d’un autre phénomène semblable qui s’est produit dans les dernières années (dans la deuxième vidéo) vous remarquerez que pour l’œil humain, on voit en fait trois soleils entourés d’un cercle. Je sais qu’il s’agit en fait de la réfraction de notre soleil unique sur les rebords du halo. Là n’est pas la question. La question est ce que l’on voit. On dirait que nous avons affaire là à l’apparition du logos solaire, de la Trinité. Et cette apparition me laisse assez optimiste pour la suite des choses. Dans les derniers mois et mêmes les dernières années, j’ai pu laisser entrevoir des signes de pessimisme, de découragement ou même de désespoir. Je crois maintenant que l’avenir s’annonce bien, même si à court terme bien des épreuves nous attendent encore sans doute. Pour finir, je vous offre également une vidéo produite par les animateurs du média alternatif Red Ice TV, Henrik Palmgren et Lana Lokteff. Elle a été réalisée juste après que leur site web ait fait l’objet d’une cyberattaque, qui coïncidait avec l’eclipse solaire de l’été 2017. Cette vidéo permet de réaliser à quel point la disparition momentané du soleil a été un point tournant et annonçait en fait de grands changements à venir. Les animateurs en sont conscients et en font part à leur audience. Ainsi, la citation de Rudolf Steiner que j’ai présentée en ouverture prend tout son sens. Joyeux Noël!