Graeme Hamilton on the Quebec media or how denunciation of sensationalist journalism becomes itself sensationalist journalism

I absolutely want to react to that unfortunate article written by Graeme Hamilton. First of all, I don’t know where Mr Hamilton resides. For myself, I have been residing in Quebec for the past 40 years, both in rural and urban areas, so I know my province. Last week, a story was presented by the Quebec media on certain bylaws prohibiting noize, such as construction or lawn mowing, in the city of Hampstead in the heart of Montreal, populated mainly by Jews. It was run, among others, by hosts like Richard Martineau and Benoit Dutrizac, as Hamilton’s article points out. However, I must disagree with the treatment of the facts presented by Hamilton. I know these folks. Being myself a strong opponent of anti-semitism, I wouldn’t hesitate to denounce them if they were guilty of that terrible psychological disease. If they were anti-semites, I think I would know.

To understand correctly the core of the argument, you have to go back in time to the centuries and decades during which the French-Canadian identity and spirit were formed. Following the takeover of New France by England in 1760, the French elite was either deported or left by itself for France, which let the people with only catholic priests as leaders. So the Catholic Church was given, by the circumstances, a carte blanche to do whatever they want with the population and its education. French-Canadians continued to evolve with only the voice of the Church to guide them, without any room for any other points of view. And that monopoly was only broken in the 1960s, when the Révolution Tranquille occured. Continuer la lecture

Letters of the Day to the National Post: The PQ was a disaster…only to racist Anglo-Quebecers

These three Letters of the Day published on July the 29th in the National Post have strucked a nerve inside me. I always perceived myself as a sovereignist but considering the context of the international scene these days, it is definitely not the time to envision such thing while our very survival as free individuals is in jeopardy. There are things much more important right now that have to be taken care of. When the fate of mankind is secure, when nuclear Armageddon has been avoided and when totalitarianism, for the most part, has been neutralized, then we will have plenty of time to decide if Quebec should be inside or outside Canada or what kind of political organization is best. First things first. Normally, I don’t blog this kind of subjects because it doesn’t fall into my editorial line, but I couldn’t resist.

The three letters have been presented in response to an article by Barbara Kay, in which she calmly and quietly presents the context of a real-estate transaction, i.e. the purchase or her house. In 1976, the Quebec market was good for buyers with all those Anglo-Quebecers leaving Montreal following the victory of the Parti Québécois. The first response published, from Michael Lawrence, Hudson, Que., presents statistics on the migration of anglophones. Apparently this nice fellow had the decency to stay in Quebec after 1976, although the city of Hudson can hardly be characterized as a Quebecois town. In effect, it has nothing to do with, for example, the neighbourhood of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve but much more with the West Island in terms of atmosphere and wealth. The second response, from Ted Hassall, Niagara Falls, Ont, is more interesting for our purpose. He says among other things that « the PQ’s draconian language laws made anglos feel like second-class citizens », and that he is happy to « live in places without punishing language laws », speaking probably about the wonderful town of Niagara Falls that he has adopted after the murder of Minister Pierre Laporte. The third, from Denis Walsh, Vancouver, B.C., is even more revealing. Mr Walsh left Quebec in 1976 when the PQ got elected. Continuer la lecture

A scenario for WWIII: Israel, the EU and the United States

You think that the world is going just right ? Well, think again. This world is going right to the brink, sliding little by little, notch per notch, toward Armageddon. Obviously, if we are ever going to engage into a new world war, it won’t be the progressives’s fault, nor the liberals’s, nor the democrats’s. It will be the fault of all the totalitarian stooges and agents that are way too numerous out there in the open. It will be because of their machinations, manipulations, misdeeds to deliberately sabotage liberal democracy that we will face ourselves with a world that will have crumbled from within into total collapse. We may very well be the last humans of history to experience what is called democracy. It has been invented during the Enlightenment, so it can disappear, it is not eternal, especially if we don’t do anything to protect it.

You may wonder where I am going with this. Well, follow my train of thought. If you have been observant of the international scene, with its political, economical and geo-strategical dimensions, you must have noticed that certain signs are present that lead to conclude that big changes are on the way. Nothing is permanent. We have seen it during history many times. States and Empires only last for a time, inevitably they all end up collapsing one day or another. It is just a question of time. In recent years, many events have sent us clues to gather and analyse. Among other elements, we can mention 9/11, the creation of the Euro Zone and the European Union, the rise of Islam, tensions and conflicts continuing to increase within the United States, the rise of China’s economic power, the desire for a greater variety of sources of energy and for healthier food and medecine, water becoming more important as a natural resource, important migration of populations, the number of cars reaching the numbers of humans on Earth, pollution problems, etc. This list is not exhaustive.

Here is what I see in these events for the future. Very soon, a combination of three things will undoubtably unleash the dogs of WWIII. First, a series of Arab countries will declare war on Israel over the pretext of the question of Palestine. Around the same time or a little later, civil war will begin in Europe, due to the high level of social tensions caused by the Euro Zone and the European Union that have been custom-built to benefit Germany, and by Muslim immigration that refuse to integrate into european society. And finally, the United States, once the greatest democracy in the world, will collapse in shame, breaking into smaller republics, becoming the Balkans of North America. Each one of these new republics will have its own agenda, political regime and ideology, sometimes ready to join the Canadian Federation but sometimes not. In certain cases they will embrace fascism to become corporate states and some other times they will try to continue clinging to the notion of liberal democracy. I continue to think that Vermont and Maine are made for being Canadian provinces. If Canada collapses as well into smaller entities, they would fit perfectly into a new larger state composed of Quebec, New Brunswick and the states of New England. Can you imagine all Franco-Americans and French-Canadians of the North-East in the same state? That would be cool.

Listen to me folks. This is not necessarily what I wish for but rather what the signs are telling me concerning the future. There will be a lot of people that will wake up in astonishment and bewilderment when it all starts. In my case, I will be ready to continue the fight even harder for democracy, because I am already aware of the big game that is being played. While the masses will still be into the stages of trying to come out of their sleep and get awake, I will be a warrior for our great civilization made out of Greco-Roman culture, Judeo-Christian moral values, Enlightenment philosophical principles, liberal democratic political ideology, and secularist social and civil organization. If the world has any chance of survival, it is with that program. Any totalitarian utopia will inevitably fail, for the simple reason that humans are fallible. Totalitarian regimes need perfect people to make it work. As it can’t find any, it governs through force using terror and torture to discourage dissent, resistance and revolution. Totalitarians seek to build a glass castle. However, as soon as somebody drops something, the whole building breaks into pieces.

Roosevelt’s 1942 letter to Mackenzie King: A plan for the assimilation of French-Canadians

This letter was sent by President Roosevelt to Prime Minister of Canada, William Lyon Mackenzie King on May 18th 1942. Roosevelt is then presenting Mackenzie King with a plan to favor the assimilation of French-Canadians, similar to what Roosevelt was apparently trying himself to do with Franco-Americans, Italians of New York and Jews. This letter was published on a website on May 12th 1998, but unfortunately, it is no longer online today. Normand Lester reproduced it in his book The Black Book of English Canada (pages 279-280 for the French-language edition). Anyway, you have it here. It is the proof that there is a very old agenda in this country to assimilate my people, from the days of Lord Durham to Pierre-Elliott Trudeau and probably to this very day. I don’t know if you realize it in English-Canada, but it stinks. You should change your behavior and your attitudes. This has got to stop.

Roosevelt’s May 18th 1942 letter to Mackenzie King – EXERPT

When I was a boy in the « nineties » I used to see a good many French Canadians who had rather recently come into the News Bedford area near the old Delano place at Fair haven. They seemed very much out of place in what was still an old New England community. They segregated themselves in the mill towns and had little to do with their neighbors. I can still remember that the old generation shook their heads and used to say, « this is a new element which will never be assimilated. We are assimilating the Irish but these Quebec people won’t even speak English. Their bodies are here but their hearts and minds are in Quebec. »

Today, forty of fifty years later, the French Canadian elements in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island are at last becoming a part of the American melting pot. They no longer vote as their chuches and their societies tell them to. They are inter-marrying with the original Anglo Saxon stock; they are good, peaceful citizens and most of them are speaking English in their homes.

All of this leads me to wonder whether by some sort of planning Canada and the United States, working toward the same end, cannot do some planning — perhaps unwritten planning which need not even be a public policy — by which we can hasten the objective of assimilating the New England French Canadians and Canada’s French Canadians into the whole of our respective bodies politic. There are, of course, many methods of doing this which depend on local circumstances. Wider opportunities can perhaps be given to them in other parts of Canada and the U.S.; and at the same time, certain opportunities can probably be given to non-French Canadian stock to mingle more greatly with them in their own centers.

In other words, after nearly two hundred years with you and after seventy-five years with us, there would seem to be no good reason for great differentials between the French population elements and the rest of the racial stocks.

It is on the same basis that I am trying to work out post-war plans for the encouragement of the distribution of certain other nationalities in our large congested centers. There ought not to be such a concentration of Italians and of Jews, and even of Germans as we have today in New York City. I have started my National Resources Planning Commission to work on a survey of this kind.