John Loftus parle de son dernier livre, America’s Nazi Secret

Le Lys d'OrBetween the iron gates of fate,
The seeds of time were sown,
And watered by the deeds of those
Who know and who are known;
Knowledge is a deadly friend
When no one sets the rules.
The fate of all mankind I see
Is in the hands of fools.

Extrait de la chanson « Epitaph » du groupe King Crimson

Un entretien vraiment exceptionnel considérant l’état lamentable du travail médiatique d’aujourd’hui. Dans cette entrevue accordée à la chaîne médiatique internet d’Alex Jones, Loftus présente certains des secrets les mieux gardés et des plus scandaleux de la Deuxième Guerre Mondiale et de la Guerre Froide. Entre autres sujets, on y apprend que les services secrets britanniques et le Département d’État américain ont littéralement « dumpé » des centaines d’agents nazis en Amérique après la guerre, scientifiques et agents de renseignements, que plusieurs grandes familles américaines ont investi massivement non seulement dans l’Allemagne nazie et l’Arabie Saoudite dans le but de récolter d’immenses profits mais aussi dans le mouvement bolchévique en Russie, qui lui n’a pas rapporté contrairement aux deux autres. Loftus explique les agissements de ces grandes familles ainsi que de leurs avocats et agents tels les Allen Dulles, Henry Kissinger et plusieurs autres. Aussi, Loftus révèle qu’il fut l’un des rares à avoir accès aux voûtes secrètes situées au Maryland, grâce à sa cote de sécurité maximale. C’est à cet endroit qu’il a pu découvrir la vérité sur le monde d’après-guerre et entrevoir les conséquences désastreuses des décisions qui ont été prises par les dirigeants de l’époque.

Outre le contenu présenté ici, on ne peut faire autrement que de remarquer le parallèle évident qui existe entre ce qui s’est passé dans les années cinquante et soixante et ce qui se passe depuis quelques décennies dans le monde. Nous sommes en train de répéter les mêmes erreurs. On procure asile et confort aux islamistes, qui ne sont que des Nazis de deuxième génération, à la fois pour générer des profits mais aussi dans l’espérance de s’épargner les souffrances d’une guerre éventuelle. De toute évidence, on ne pourra pas éviter cette guerre et ce sont nos populations qui paieront la note de leur souffrance et de leur vie. Une entrevue à mettre dans vos favoris et à réécouter ad nauseam.

John Loftus talks about intelligence matters on For The Record with Dave Emory

Dave Emory has gone through a dental surgery and his voice suffers from it. But the subjects he is talking with John Loftus in this interview don’t. The great John Loftus recaps here some of the most important matters regarding the world of politics and intelligence that have occured in the last century. Don’t miss it:

For The Record #749 Side 1

For The Record #749 Side 2

John Loftus on the secret war against the Jews

This is a short interview with John Loftus, ex-U.S. Justice Department attorney. At the beginning of his career he worked on the Belarus file, which led him to uncover some inconvenient truths about the holocaust, the Jews, WWII, the Nazis and the involvement of the Allies in all these matters. At the peril of his own security and the one of his family, Mr Loftus published several astounding books, such as America’s Nazi Secret, The Secret War Against the Jews, Unholy Trinity: The Vatican, the Nazis, and the Swiss Banks, among others. His efforts in trying to educate the public about the dark corners of our history are priceless. We owe him a great debt of gratitude. That’s why I am encouraging you, after you watch that clip, to read his books. If you want to know more about him, and to continue listening to what he has to say about these very important issues, I suggest a recent interview he gave to Dave Emory for his weekly show « For The Record ». Have a good listening and above all, a good reading.

FTR# 731: Interview with John Loftus on America’s Nazi Secret

Gulf of Mexico oil spill: the environmental Reichstag fire of the century…or just a plain example of pure greed?

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Deep waters are on the horizon for humans. Many things can be said about the BP oil rig that blew out. The fact that the « accident » happened on Hitler’s birthday, April 20th, gave it a bad smell to begin with, so to speak. Also, the gravity of the explosion was so important that it was impossible not to imagine either a conspiracy or a case of gross negligence. First, there is the question of whether or not the cement installation of the well was properly executed. Apparently, over a period of 14 years, 18 out of 39 wells blew out in the Gulf of Mexico due to incorrect cementing installation. That particular rig is just one among many. However, there is another reason that might have provoked the explosion. The fact is that a BP executive and a Transocean official were arguing in the morning of the accident about the safety of removing heavy mud to replace it by seawater. Heavy mud serves precisely to keep the pressure down to avoid oil from leaking up the pipe. So, to accelerate drilling and to save costs, the BP executive imposed the decision on Transocean’s managers and workers to their upmost consternation and concern. During the day, workers on the rig were getting more and more nervous as the rig experienced all kinds of strange kickbacks. A few hours later, the rig exploded and 11 workers died.

Then, as if it was not already enough, James Patrick Black, the BP executive put in charge of the cleaning of the Gulf Coast, died mysteriously in a plane crash in November 2010. Considering the consequences and the responsibility that BP would have to face eventually, one cannot but wonders if it isn’t some kind of unfortunate accident and what are the real facts that Black may have uncovered during his brief assignment.

The Justice Department is hesitating between two scenarios in its prosecution of BP: negligence or gross negligence, which sums itself to criminal conduct. If that second scenario is retained, fines could go up to 21 billion dollars. Can you imagine that? To save a few millions in drilling costs, BP could pay up to 21 billion dollars, plus some additional money for lawsuits, settlements with the families, clean-up costs, etc!

And there’s even more to it. Here is an excerpt from the second article of the Globe and Mail:

« According to an ongoing lawsuit in Houston, Kevin Lacy, BP’s former senior vice-president for drilling operations for the Gulf of Mexico, reached a mutual agreement with the company to resign in December of 2009 because Mr. Lacy believed the company was not adequately committed to improving safety protocols in offshore drilling operations to the level of its industry peers.

The suit said Mr. Lacy, an experienced drilling engineer who had implemented a rigorous drilling safety program while at Chevron, had been recruited to join BP in 2007 to improve and standardize its drilling policies and protocols. »

What do you think of that? BP hires someone to improve its safety measures and the person in question has to resign because BP doesn’t seem that much interested after all by safety and security. Strange? The more I look into this case, the more I am puzzled by the conduct of humans. To save a few millions and some time, a multinational corporation is ready to jeopardize its reputation, its capability to stay in business, the people who work for and around it and the whole environment in which the very executives of that corporation live and thrive? Decidedly, I don’t understand humans. Please, someone, come to my rescue. With these kinds of people in charge of the Earth, it is no big surprise that things are going so bad. We are governed by crooks, nutcases and psychopaths. Anyhow, I have also attached the video of the interview that survivors of the oil rig explosion gave to Anderson Cooper. It is worth watching because you can see that it is real. Some executives at BP have played with the workers lives and with the health and food of the whole planet, for a few bucks.




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