Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice TV comments on ‘Strike 2’ and a few other videos

The best way to fight back against censorship is to do the opposite, and that is to spread the good news and allow others who have not received it yet to be enlightened by it. Here I share some of the good shows, videos and interviews that Red Ice TV has made in recent months. If you like the information that you see here, do like me: share it with the people you know, on many platforms as possible. We are not going to win the battle for free speech against Google, Facebook, Twitter and Apple by leaving their platforms (for those who have not been kicked out yet). We have to stay on them and make it an issue that we have the right to be there as anyone else. Social-media platforms are not God and they are not the State, although they act as if they were. Real warriors never leave the battlefield before the fight is over. Conservatives in general, members of the Alt-Right movement, alternative media personalities, whoever we are, we have to continue the fight in this critical period of history. It is not up to Big Tech to decide who has the right to speak and who doesn’t. We have to stand our ground.

Debates in Australia over the merits of Sharia versus democracy

Really? Is there anyone except Muslims who really believe that Sharia is a better system than democracy? And you, fellow Australians, don’t you have anything else to do than indulging in these pseudo-debates? Because, you know, Muslims can’t have a debate. They have the truth of the Prophet and the Koran…and everybody else is wrong…especially the non-Muslims. You should take care of your land that has been destroyed by the recent floods…That would be a better use of your time. Forget about debates and accommodations. The Gospel is superior! Make it prevail!