Amazing Polly analyse la possibilité que les mesures sanitaires soient en fait de la torture

J’ai déjà publié cette vidéo mais je la republie encore puisque j’estime qu’elle est vraiment importante. La chaîne Youtube de cette blogueuse vient d’être fermée par Youtube la semaine dernière. Elle a également une chaîne sur Bitchute où on peut trouver on bon nombre de ses vidéos. Je suggère que vous continuiez à la suivre sur cette plateforme. Dans cette vidéo donc, elle analyse la possibilité que les mesures sanitaires soient en fait de la torture. Pour appuyer son propos, elle cite certains documents comme le Rapport d’Amnistie International sur la torture et la Charte de coercition de Biderman. La démonstration est vraiment convaincante. Nos élites nous torturent bel et bien avec la «pandémie» et le Covid-19 n’est qu’un prétexte.

Diana West speaks about the CoronaCoup against the western world, on Secure Freedom Radio

Interview with Zach Vorhies, ex-Google software engineer, on Red Ice TV

There is one thing that we need to understand really quickly: We have been had. There is no such thing as a free lunch. There is a price for everything because there is a cost to everything. We have been naive enough to believe that we could use social media for free and that there was a not a catch. Big Tech companies don’t want our money. They want our data. They have ensnared us to give them that data by presenting their services as «free». Now that most of humans on the planet have been analyzed, classified and sold out, we find ourselves in a situation where our freedoms are being taken away from us. Clearly, our own data is being used against us. These Big Tech companies are monopolies that need to be broken and one wonders why Trump has done anything about it yet. Maybe it’s because they are american companies and that he doesn’t want to do anything that could harm them. Or maybe that’s because they are collecting intelligence for the United States and other governments and that is priceless… Who knows. In the end, the future of mankind will probably be decided by the way this situation is handled. Zach Vorhies talks here about his experience at Youtube and explores these issues with host Henrik Palmgren.

Henrik Palmgren and Patrick Casey comment on the ongoing censorship of patriots on Youtube, on Red Ice TV

The interview with Patrick Casey begins around the 20:00 minute mark. I also suggest an interview with Diana West aired on Secure Freedom Radio where she talks about the dehumanization of patriots and nationalists that is going on right now in the western world, mainly on the internet and in the media.