Several experts expressing doubts against a military intervention in Syria…

Comment: The key element that needs to be highlighted in this matter is the fact that Bachar al-Assad stockpile of chemical weapons is probably what is left of Saddam Hussein’s chemical and biological arsenal (see here an article in french from fdesouche website stating that it is the rebels who might be in control of them). Thus, logically, the only thing that we have to do is to surgically destroy them. Then, it will be up to the Syrian people to solve their own situation the way they can. They are in the middle of a civil war and it is not our business to get involved, besides destroying these chemical weapons. I suggest to you to hear or read, in order, Frank Gaffney, Nigel Farage, Dave Emory, Fred Fleitz and Bill Gertz, and Terry Liston (en français).

Dave Emory at

Interviews with Fleitz and Gertz air in segments #3 and #4.

Fred Fleitz and Bill Gertz on Secure Freedom Radio

Terry Liston sur Radio-Canada