Diana West presents her new book « American Betrayal » on C-SPAN

This interview is quite remarkable considering the average quality level of today’s mass media. Syndicated columnist Diana West made an extraordinary effort during her research for this book to get to America’s real history beyond propaganda, deception and lies. And the result is simply excellent if not exceptional. In a nutshell, she details and chronicles here how Soviet Russia used America’s desire to defeat Hitler to infiltrate FDR’s Administration and following to subvert our society from within. And besides, all of this was made possible by the very complicity of some of our leaders. At the very end of the interview, she makes the case that the present-day situation with the Obama Admistration is quite similar. We are committing the same mistake by allowing our enemies to infiltrate the centers of power of our governments. A must-watch!

Diana West on C-SPAN

Harry Beckhough, codebreaker during WWII: A century of fight against Nazism

This marvellous presentation by Harry Beckhough, codebreaker during WWII, is the ultimate result of almost a century of battles, resistance and efforts on his part against the Nazis and their machinations throughout the world and particularly in Europe. During WWII, Beckhough was semi-kidnapped by some agents from Station X who brought him to Bletchley Park, England, the headquarters for codebreakers of German ciphers and other encryption codes. Later, he also worked to break Japanese code. After the war, he was sent to Germany to help with the de-nazification process of some of Germany’s most important universities, such as in Cologne and Bonn. At the venerable of 97 years old, Mr Beckhough is a invaluable witness of the events that preceeded, unfolded during and followed WWII. He saw with his own eyes Hitler coming to power, attacking countries and nations, destroying their cultures and societies. He then saw Europe falling again under German rule, this time not through military means but through deception, in the early stages of the European Union, called in the 70’s the Common Market. In the early 90’s, the European Union was formally born with the Maastricht Treaty, manufactured specifically to meet the needs and plans of Germany. Certain countries adhered unwillingly to the EU, as they were forced to vote again after a first refusal at a referendum. The creation of the Euro and the Lisbon Treaty further extended the complete domination of Germany over Europe and its nations. Also, a few years ago a law was adopted in Germany that made that all new laws or measures adopted by the EU Parliament in Brussels needed formal approval by the German Court before coming into action. In a nutshell, Germany, using Lenin-like tactics of deception, took away the sovereignty of all EU states. It seeks global domination through what we could call the United States of Europe. Beckhough finally identifies a low-profile individual who, he thinks, will be the next Fuhrer in Europe: Baron Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, a descendant of Leopold II, Holy Roman Emperor, and of Aloys II, Prince of Liechtenstien. He is married to Stephanie von Bismarck-Schönhausen.