Diana West presents her new book « American Betrayal » on C-SPAN

This interview is quite remarkable considering the average quality level of today’s mass media. Syndicated columnist Diana West made an extraordinary effort during her research for this book to get to America’s real history beyond propaganda, deception and lies. And the result is simply excellent if not exceptional. In a nutshell, she details and chronicles here how Soviet Russia used America’s desire to defeat Hitler to infiltrate FDR’s Administration and following to subvert our society from within. And besides, all of this was made possible by the very complicity of some of our leaders. At the very end of the interview, she makes the case that the present-day situation with the Obama Admistration is quite similar. We are committing the same mistake by allowing our enemies to infiltrate the centers of power of our governments. A must-watch!

Diana West on C-SPAN

John Perkins describes his job as « economic hitman » for the corporations

The interview with John Perkins starts around 0:25 minutes in the movie, (Zeitgeist:Addendum) through 0:41 minutes. Various coup d’états, sponsored by CIA-connected corporations, are looked over.

The rise of fascism in Hungary: A few articles and analyses. La montée du fascisme en Hongrie: Quelques articles et analyses.

I have assembled a few posts and articles about the rise of fascism, or eventually simply strong nationalism, I hope, in Hungary. The first two posts by radio personality and anti-fascist researcher Dave Emory contain, besides the analysis itself, several commentaries and articles in reference that provide complementary information. I suggest that you review the whole thing. The other two articles, in the French language, refer to that change of policy in Hungary as rather the expression of a strong nationalism or of an anthoritarian attitude. In the end, it is only the future that will tell us if democracy will prevail in Hungary.

Hungarian government implements forced labour program

Depression and Fascism: Krugman’s analysis

La Hongrie de Viktor Orban

Viktor Orban isole la Hongrie

The arrest of Dominique Strauss-Kahn: Can we resist putting on the grill a powerful socialist…or the King of Jerusalem?

Well, my friends, I don’t know if he did the things that we are told he did. Maybe, maybe not. But there are a few interesting connections that I would like to point out here. First, as heroic anti-fascist researcher Dave Emory mentioned, Strauss-Kahn apparently suggested the creation of a world currency that « would challenge the dominance of the dollar and help curb future financial instability » as reported by The Guardian. Well, I think that already there, you have substantial motives for a set up, a trap that would relegate Strauss-Kahn out of any post of influence in the financial or political world. As you may know, the people who control the U.S. dollar are not saints, heroes or brave hearts. If they accumulated the immense wealth that they possess, it is precisely because they do the kind of things that the vast majority of people can’t for moral reasons. Strauss-Kahn for them is just a pawn that can easily be put aside and destroyed.

Second, what strikes me as irregular and feeds my perception of the event as being a set up, is the presence of cameras in the hearing room before the judge. Normally, judges don’t allow access to the media during that phase of the judicial process for obvious reasons. If you look at the various elements of the case, you realize that almost everything has been done to humiliate the boss of the IMF. Number 1, he has been arrested and handcuffed before being found guilty of any crime. Number 2, he has been brought in the middle of the night before the press, again in handcuffs, during his transfer to a police station. Number 3, as I mentioned, cameras were allowed in the hearing room. Number 4, he has been denied bail even if he has not been found guilty of any crime and that he doesn’t present any real danger for the American society. Number 5, he has been sent to a maximum security prison, Rikers Island, a tough penitentiary unit populated by street gangs. And number 6, he has been placed in a row within Rikers where you find people with transmissible deseases. Question: does the american money elite wishes that the IMF boss would somehow meet with some unfortunate accident here? Surrounded by streets gangs and by contagious detainees, that may very well happen. Continuer la lecture