Entrevue #8 avec Peter Levenda sur l’héritage hitlérien et le djihad mondial

Levenda continue de présenter le contenu de son livre The Hitler Legacy sur les ondes de l’émission de radio For The Record animé par Dave Emory. Entre autres éléments à retenir, Levenda attire notre attention sur le théâtre de l’Asie du Sud-Est, notamment sur l’Indonésie et le rôle joué par le Président Sukarno. Il revient aussi brièvement sur l’Opération Golden Lily visant à mettre à l’écart des Alliés le trésor de guerre accumulé par le Japon Impérial durant la guerre, ainsi que sur des fonds similaires comme le Fonds Révolutionnaire. Certains liens avec des personnages connus sont abordés, comme Lee Harvey Oswald. Levenda regarde aussi le cas d’un mystérieux couple formé de Georg Anton Pöch et de Hella Pöch et il étudie la possibilité que ce couple aurait pu être Adolf Hilter et Eva Braun en fuite sous une fausse identité. Plusieurs autres sujets sont abordés.

FTR #845 Interview (#8) with Peter Levenda about “The Hitler Legacy”

Learn more about Operation Golden Lily with Dave Emory on For the Record

FTR #451 Petals from the Golden Lily

The systematic rewriting of world history: Dave Emory presents several examples

In FTR #584, Dave Emory explores several cases of direct manipulation related to world history, where known and accepted facts are being challenged and attacked by presenting alternative and different ones. In a nutshell, the forces of fascism are engaged in a spree of disinformation and propaganda to reprogram the populations to accept their world-views and own version of history. It is quite understandable since they would benefit greatly from a broad public acceptance of these new narratives. Among the many elements studied in this broadcast, there is the ridicule mythology surrounding football star George Gipp and Ronald Reagan used to maintain infantile illusions on a truly corrupted institution; there is the case of Iran, basically a regime based on nazi ideology, that held a Holocaust denial conference recently; the role played by François Genoud and Achmed Huber in the post-war fascist international and their relationships with Islamist elements in the Middle East; the role played by Andreas Von Buelow, an ex-BND (German secret service) agent, who works hard in the so-called « progressive » sector to have the population accept the bogus theory that Israel and the Mossad are behind 9/11; a recall that these same fascist and nazi elements still continue to argue that Roosevelt is responsible for WWII, while it is widely known that Hitler is the main cause of it; the denial of the « Rape of Nanking » when armed forces of fascist Japan massacred and raped hundreds of thousands of civilians in the city of Nanking, China; the constitution of a treasure in Asia called, don’t look at me, Golden Lily, representing the wealth that fascist Japan looted during WWII and that they have hidden somewhere out of reach for the Allies, at which point Emory recalls the marvelous book of pioneer researchers Sterling and Peggy Seagraves titled Golden Lily; and many other elements.

FTR #584: Rewriting History