Nigel Farage’s final speech at the European Parliament

Congratulations, Mr Farage. You did it! Thanks to your great leadership, now the United Kingdom is out of the European Union, free again!

Nigel Farage on the new democratic revolution in Europe

Jes’ that guy is incredible! What a marvellous and talented politician. I wish there would be more like that in Canada and the U.S. It is so dull sometimes to listen to their speeches! Take the time to listen to him here in the European Parliament last September when he criticized European Commission President José Manuel Barroso and the policies of the EU.

Nigel Farage fights back in the European Parliament to defend democracy

Here are a couple of videos featuring Nigel Farage, member of the UKIP at the European Parliament. Jesus that he is fantastic! What a terrific politician and wonderful orator! It is so refreshing to have someone like that who is ready to go to the plate to try to hit some homeruns for democracy. Thanks Mr Farage, for fighting back! The fate of Europe is on the shoulders of people like you. If anyone can succeed to stop the rise of this totalitarian fascist-socialist beast that the EU incarnates, it’s men and women like you. To watch a more recent presentation in Germany, click here.