Reflections on Memorial Day featuring Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin and Dave Emory

Here is a great interview with Lt. General Jerry Boykin on Secure Freedom Radio, followed by a blog post by Dave Emory. I thought that both a conservative and a progressive point of view were needed in order to grasp the difficulty we are facing. While Jerry Boykin focuses on the need to continue the fight against regimes that threaten freedom, Dave Emory recalls us that the war against Nazism is not over. In effect, it appears that Germany, stealthily and slowly, is in the process of winning the war against the Anglo-American empire.

Lt General Jerry Boykin on Secure Freedom Radio

Memorial Day Post: The Past Isn’t Dead and Buried, It Isn’t even Past

‘Team B II’ Members with ‘Israel: You’re Not Alone’

Check this video from the coalition « Israel: You’re Not Alone« . The coalition gave a press conference in Washington D.C. on May 23rd. Three members of « Team B II » and co-authors of the document Sharia: The Threat to America that exposes the infiltration of America and the western world by Muslim Brotherhood agents, joined the coalition. They are: Tom Trento, Gen. Jerry Boykin, and Frank Gaffney of the Center For Security Policy. What prompted the coalition to adress the press is, guess what, Barack Obama’s infatuation with the 1967 lines, which he clearly expressed earlier in May in a State Department declaration. This statement by Obama not only upset Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, but a certain number of « real » Americans as well, like the ones you can get acquainted with here in this video. I begin to think that Obama, maybe, has lost judgement. His policy on the Middle East is short-sighted, irresponsible and just crazy. In an earlier post, I came to the conclusion that he is no longer the man of the situation and that he will have to be replaced at the Presidential Election in 2012. But before that, those of us who really believe in democracy and in the liberal world, and that want to protect our civilization against the attacks made by barbaric and reactionary ideologies, must stand by Israel and the Jewish community. Real progressives support Israel. It’s not a matter of debate. This is how you manage to differentiate the real from the phony ones. Israel is the cradle of Judeo-Christian civilization and it must treated as such, not like Obama wants to treat it…almost like a Muslim or a dhimmi would do. Check this out.