Phil Simpson presents the heroic story of the Cimbri, on Red Ice TV

The Cimbri are a good example of what courage is and of what to do when confronted with adversity against incredible odds. I disagree though with their decision to commit mass suicide. This is not the way to go for patriots and nationalists. On the contrary, we must keep living our lives as long as we can to continue the fight against the tyrants (the modern Romans) who are trying to enslave us. The first video features Phil Simpson giving an interview on the air of Red Ice TV about the Cimbri. The second one is one of Simpson’s about the Cimbri and the consequence of cowardice.

Russ Baker on Libya on the Peter B. Collins Show: French Intelligence

Again, it is a great pleasure for me to reference the work of a great journalist. Russ Baker has been doing a terrific job for many years, and since the publication of his masterpiece Family of Secrets, he hasn’t cease to work, enquire, search for trails of investigation, for leads to be able to bring new facts or evidence to the light of day on subjects or cases of interest. Here he takes on the difficult subject of Libya. I must say that what he presents in this new article makes a great deal of sense. In a nutshell, the Libyan war has been planned and orchestrated by elements of both French and Italian intelligence. The whole thing began with Qaddafi’s protocol chief, Nouri Al-Mesmari, visit to France in October 2010. Under the cover of alleged medical treatments, he began talks with French intelligence to examine the possibility of taking Qaddafi down. Among many elements Russ Baker’s excellent article dwells on, is a project that apparently was concocted by the European Union to NATO-ize the Mediterranean, strangely reminiscent of the mare-nostrum contemplated during the days of the Roman Empire. Also, mining and oil considerations have played a big role in the Libyan « uprising » if you consider that Libya exports 32% of its oil to Italy alone. Europe has no source of oil that is local. They have to import oil and other resources from neighbouring countries.

I just have one element to add and I think it is important. One year ago or so, Qaddafi threatened Europe to swarm the continent with Black immigration if the EU didn’t give him something like 5 bn euros a year. He made this incredible demand, that sounded rather like extortion or blackmail, during a two-day visit in Italy. Also during this trip, he hosted two « convert to Islam parties » which infuriated the Catholic Church. No surprise he got toppled… So first, you can familiarize yourself by listening to the interview with Russ Baker on the Peter B. Collins Show and then read the entire article. I also joined the article from the Mail Online that talks about Qaddafi’s threat.

Russ Baker on the Peter B. Collins Show

Russ Baker on the Libyan war

Gaddafi demands EU 4bn

Nigel Farage in Germany warning its people about the totalitarian nature of the EU

The excellent Nigel Farage is back at the plate. In this conference, cut in three parts for Youtube, Farage explains to the public what has to be understood about the European Union. First, it is not democratic. On the contrary, it is totalitarian in nature. Each of its country members has to surrender its sovereignty to the EU Parliament in Brussels. Laws that affect the millions of Europeans are passed by non-elected bureaucrats instead of being voted and passed by legitimate and duly elected representatives of each European country. Second, it is a failure, besides of the political one, both financially and economically, that leads countries to collapse and be bankrupt, to benefit Germany in the end. This way, willingly or unwillingly, Germany is taking over the economy of every bankrupt country of the Union and, according to Farage, the day is not far when all economic decisions will be made in Brussels. He also points out that the people who created the EU were not democrats. They were some sort of totalitarian schemers.

Well…if we look at what the EU is, politically, economically, financially, if we look at its symbols, etc, it reminds me of the Roman Empire. The logo makes one think to that image of the Book of Revelation about the « woman with twelve stars » above her head, or something like that. We can note as well that this symbolism is close to the one of the UN, anyway. It goes along the same lines. Continuity in thought? Also, we can all see on the map that the EU covers roughly the same territory as the one envisioned by Adolf Hitler for its Greater Germany. Just a coincidence? To make a long story short, I think there are powerful forces at work to turn Europe and each of its democratic countries into a unified totalitarian regime, fabricated with elements taken out of both communism and fascism. That’s probably why the EU is opening its doors so widely to welcome Jew-hating reactionary Muslims. They are pouring in by the millions to turn Europe into its medieval barbarism. Elements within post-war nazism and post-U.S.S.R. socialism have been busy behind the scenes to prepare for the destruction of Europe, and now they are inviting their « guests of honor », the Muslim bigots, to join in and help them with their enterprise. Continuer la lecture

The arrest of Dominique Strauss-Kahn: Can we resist putting on the grill a powerful socialist…or the King of Jerusalem?

Well, my friends, I don’t know if he did the things that we are told he did. Maybe, maybe not. But there are a few interesting connections that I would like to point out here. First, as heroic anti-fascist researcher Dave Emory mentioned, Strauss-Kahn apparently suggested the creation of a world currency that « would challenge the dominance of the dollar and help curb future financial instability » as reported by The Guardian. Well, I think that already there, you have substantial motives for a set up, a trap that would relegate Strauss-Kahn out of any post of influence in the financial or political world. As you may know, the people who control the U.S. dollar are not saints, heroes or brave hearts. If they accumulated the immense wealth that they possess, it is precisely because they do the kind of things that the vast majority of people can’t for moral reasons. Strauss-Kahn for them is just a pawn that can easily be put aside and destroyed.

Second, what strikes me as irregular and feeds my perception of the event as being a set up, is the presence of cameras in the hearing room before the judge. Normally, judges don’t allow access to the media during that phase of the judicial process for obvious reasons. If you look at the various elements of the case, you realize that almost everything has been done to humiliate the boss of the IMF. Number 1, he has been arrested and handcuffed before being found guilty of any crime. Number 2, he has been brought in the middle of the night before the press, again in handcuffs, during his transfer to a police station. Number 3, as I mentioned, cameras were allowed in the hearing room. Number 4, he has been denied bail even if he has not been found guilty of any crime and that he doesn’t present any real danger for the American society. Number 5, he has been sent to a maximum security prison, Rikers Island, a tough penitentiary unit populated by street gangs. And number 6, he has been placed in a row within Rikers where you find people with transmissible deseases. Question: does the american money elite wishes that the IMF boss would somehow meet with some unfortunate accident here? Surrounded by streets gangs and by contagious detainees, that may very well happen. Continuer la lecture