Chris Holton: Shariah Compliant Finance and Financial Jihad: What America Needs to Know

According to Chris Holton, Shariah compliant finance was created by Sayyid Qutb (1906-1966), an Egyptian poet, literary critic and Muslim Brother. Today, Iran largely dominates Shariah finance. Another important center of Shariah finance is Qatar, with the Qatar Islamic Bank and the Qatar International Islamic Bank leading the way. Shariah finance makes it a duty for the faithful to pay the zakkat, a donation to islamic charities. More than 80 islamic charities actively finance militarized Jihad. And as Wall Street tries to recuperate a part of the vast petro-dollar empire of the Middle East, it tends to look the other way when investors from that part of the world participate in financing western institutions.

Why should we need white slavers when we have Louis Farrakhan?

Louis Farrakhan, the neighbour of Barack Obama and leader of the Nation of Islam, continues to be what he is…an islamo-facist. Last week-end, he spoke before 600 students somewhere in the United States. During the speech, he said to students, and among them black students, « not to be friends with Jews because they are behind black slavery ». This may be not the exact quote but it is the essence of what he said. In fact, what Farrakhan does is covering the tracks of the very people who do engage in black slavery in Africa, i.e. continental Muslims. He simply protects his fellow Muslim brothers. Typical modus operandi of totalitarians of all stripes. Here I propose an interview with Charles Jacobs on Secure Freedom Radio, hosted by Frank Gaffney of the Center For Security Policy, and one radio show and an update blog post by Dave Emory on this charming fellow, Louis Farrakhan. I also join two PDF documents that will allow you to have a better grasp of the « humanitarian » dimension of his political activism.

Charles Jacobs on Secure Freedom Radio

FTR #21 Louis Farrakhan and the Politics of Murder

A Meeting of the Minds: “Truther” Richard Gage and Louis Farrakhan

Louis Farrakhan: Tormenting the Heart of Africa

Genocide and The Slavery in The Sudan

Barack Hussein Obama turns his back on Canada: The U.S. refuses to go ahead with the Keystone XL pipeline

Unfortunately, I was right. The U.S. definitely has an infatuation for Saudi Arabia and undemocratic regimes. Here is the excellent Ezra Levant commenting on just that. To see how I assed the situation last spring and last summer and to get a better view of the complexity of this case in terms of geo-politics and geo-strategy, if I may suggest, also check the previous articles that follow.

The TransCanada Corporation pipeline project: it’s way better to shed oil than blood

The TransCanada Corp Keystone XL expansion: personal tragedies and human suffering through civilization changes

The Dalai Lama and Tariq Ramadan have sung in duet at the Second Global Conference on World’s Religions after 9/11

Mike Baker interview on Fox News: the West might be backing terrorists

Listen to this interview with Mike Baker, former CIA officer on Fox News. What he says in substance confirms the doubts and apprehensions that I have had concerning the events in Libya. On that subject, see my earlier posts here and here. Well, you don’t need a Ph.D. in geo-politics to understand that the West is backing the wrong side, taken for granted that its real intention is to encourage democracy. It is a known fact that Al-Qaeda was and is still active in the east part of Libya. Furthermore, as I wrote before, Libya shares a border with Sudan, which sees its north part controlled by Islamists. Baker is commenting here on a statement made by a senior member of Al-Qaeda who encouraged the rebels to keep up the fight against Gaddafi. Please note that Gaddafi was supposed to be an ally of the West until recently and that Al-Qaeda managed to get their hands in Libya on some weaponry, namely surface-to-air missiles, in their progression to propagate « democracy ». Also, check as well this article of the Telegraph UK in which we read that the rebel leader, Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, declared that jihadists who fought against allied troops in Iraq are on the front lines in Libya against Gaddafi’s regime. So who are we, the West, backing? The rebels of course. But who are the rebels? If you open your eyes and your ears, you have roughly all the answers here.


The Libyan operation: another piggy back coup?

In Dave Emory’s FTR #735, we have seen that the « uprisings » in the Middle East are probably to a large extent the results of a vaste operation conducted by the intelligence agencies of the West in order to change the leadership in that area of the Earth. Although there is nobody more convinced than me that these regimes need to be changed for democratic ones, I have been, as Dave Emory and other observers of the geo-political scene, more than skeptical about the « democratic » nature of the so-called revolutions. And with reason. When you have been deceived more than once, as it is the case with several events that happened since WWII, you develop a certain apprehension, prudence and carefulness when dealing with sudden changes.

Now, is the Libyan operation a piggy back coup on the Egyptian one, which was in itself a piggy back coup on the Tunisian operation? It is possible. In an earlier post, I have already said that Khadafi should remain in power for the moment, at least temporarily, to fight  back against Islamists forces, because the risks of such a takeover is too great in case of an overthrow. First, let me ask you this: where do the rebels get their weapons to fight Khadafi forces? Well…I guess that is one information that we don’t have but it is definitely important. In effect, in order to have weapons the rebels must buy or obtain them from a source that is ready to provide such weapons to that group, knowing very well that they will serve to try to overthrow Khadafi. So who is selling these weapons to the rebels? I don’t know. It is the job of the journalists to find out anyway but nobody does a particularly good job at this for the moment.

Second, haven’t you noticed that Libya shares a border with Sudan? The last time I checked, the north part of the country was controlled by Islamists and terrorists, while the south part has recently voted in favour of its secession from the north, its citizens being tired of the incessant harassment, killings, tortures, rapes, etc, brought so « generously » by the Islamic Jihad of the northmen. Maybe the weapons with which the « rebels » of Libya are fighting against Khadafi are coming in fact from the Islamists of North Sudan. That would be logical. And from whom these North Sudan Islamic Jihad warriors get their weapons? Again, and I don’t want to be patronizing, but it is the journalists’s job to bring these facts to the light of day. The operation launched by the Coalition Forces against Khadafi, although maybe sincere, might prove fatal in the long run for western civilization. Khadafi is definitely the strongest man in the area and if he falls, I don’t see who could be able to stand against the Islamists and their western sponsors.

According to Dave Emory, this vaste operation launched in the Middle East has got the approval of both branches of the CIA/State Department, the Democrat branch and the Republican branch (for that matter, see the  interview with John Loftus FTR #731). It is probably the truth. However, I fail to see how the Democrat branch would be able to recuperate those messy countries and bring them to democratic parlementary or presidential governments after such violent and improvised overthrows. Democratic life is not like flipping a switch. It doesn’t take on immediately. It takes time, during which any totalitarian mafia can organise itself and seize power. It will be interesting to see what measures the Democrat branch of the CIA/State Department will put in places to make sure that these countries really get on the path of democracy. But it will certainly have to counteract first the machinations of the Republican branch, and that is not small stuff.

Also, and Emory alluded to it in its last show FTR #736, one possibility that is certainly foreseeable, is that a plan is under implementation to create a wall between the western world and an Eastern Block of nations that may form in the near future or already in formation, that may comprise China, Russia, India, Pakistan and satellite nations such as Vietnam, North Korea, maybe Japan, etc. Is the West trying to secure oil reserves in anticipation for a takeover of these by entities created by or under control of a number of states of such an Eastern Block? It is certainly possible. If one takes China alone, just by the growing demand in energy of its population of 1.5 billion people, that’s enough to make anyone envision the worst scenarios. And I am even not mentioning here the fact that China is still a communist regime and that we don’t know for sure to what extent Russia has really succeeded in extinguishing the soviet flame or its imperialistic ambitions. That certainly doesn’t help the situation either.

I will cease here the speculation. Just keep your eyes open and question everything you are told. I think that is the best attitude. I have attached two news. The first concerns the  latest « facts » about the Libyan « uprising » and the next covers sudden investments made by the Saudis in the Middle East. According to you, are the Saudis trying to calm down the population by injecting money into the economy or are they securing their earlier investments because they know very well that they will become even more profitable in the near future? I will let you decide.



Crocodile tears on display at U.S. Congress: an extraordinary performance

Check this video featuring Minnesota Representative Keith Ellison’s Testimony during House Committee on Homeland Security Hearing on Radicalization. What a performance! This guy deserves an Oscar! Well, Matt Damon, Tom Cruise and the like, you’d better watch your backs because this guy is coming to steal your jobs! Wow! Isn’t he just terrific? Frankly, I am moved. It is so touching… I have no idea if what he says about Hamdani is true or not but it sounds bogus to me. It smells just like another attempt to portray Muslims as innocent little creatures who only want to be hugged and loved and who feel compassion and tenderness for their neighbours. Well, if you think that, maybe you should check the news. For example in the Middle East, where everyday hundreds  of Christians are massacred by « innocent » Muslims because they are characterized as « dhimmis », i.e. non-believers in the Koran. Thank you Representative Keith Ellison but we will pass. Next time we see you cry, we will think about the hundreds of thousands of Christians who have been massacred in places such as Sudan. That will put things into perspective. Don’t call us, we’ll call you.