No-Go Zone et Flashback Friday sur Red Ice TV

Infowars présente le scénario SPARS 2025-2028 sur une pandémie mondiale

Alex Jones et ses invités présentent les grandes lignes du document produit par le Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security en 2017. Les parallèles avec la pandémie de covid-19 sont flagrants. Je joins également l’article que j’avais écrit en janvier dernier, ainsi qu’une vidéo produite par Diana Lenska en décembre 2020 sur le sujet.

Diana Lenska présente le scénario de la pandémie de SPARS 2025-2028 du Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security

Voyez comment Bill Gates a réussi à prendre le contrôle de la santé à l’échelle planétaire

Dans cette série de vidéos produits par le Corbett Report, vous verrez comment Bill Gates, à travers sa fondation, a réussi à prendre le contrôle de la santé à l’échelle mondiale. Vous verrez aussi comment, en collaboration avec ses partenaires, il projette d’imposer un vaccin obligatoire aux populations humaines de façon à contrôler non seulement tous les individus mais aussi chacun de leur faits et gestes. Ce vaccin servira principalement d’identité digitale pour le citoyen et c’est cette identité qui déterminera s’il peut travailler et voyager. De concert avec une puce électronique implantée sous la peau, les citoyens pourront payer des marchandises, avoir accès à des services, des immeubles. Ceux dont l’identité digitale sera jugée non valide ou interdite ne pourront littéralement ni rien faire ni rien manger.

Les hommes et les femmes de bonne volonté doivent s’unir partout sur la Terre pour combattre et vaincre ce projet diabolique. Pour ceux qui le désirent, vous pourrez visionner la quatrième vidéo de cette série disponible sur la chaîne Youtube du Corbett Report.

Diana West speaks about the CoronaCoup against the western world, on Secure Freedom Radio

Eugenics and the « Green » Movement: Edwin Black’s The War Against The Weak and the Rockefeller Foundation

This radio show by Dave Emory presents the remarkable work of Edwin Black on the eugenics movement and its relationship with Nazi Germany, corporations and the world of scientific research. In a book titled The War Against The Weak, Black makes the case that  Nazi Germany eugenics experimentations were not the result of some delusional madmen in the Third Reich but rather of cold calculations made by mainstream american scientific individuals and companies who would use the Third Reich as a vehicle for advancing the science. The show deals with certain drugs that were produced during the Third Reich era, among them methadone originally called « dolophine » in tribute to Adolf Hitler, and thalidomide. It also touches on Josef Mengele’s research on twins, highlighting the Brazilian town of Candido Godoi where Mengele would experiment in the 1960’s. Before and during the Third Reich regime, the Rockefeller Foundation heavily founded the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology in Germany in order to undertake and/or continue eugenics research on twins, among other things, while Auschwitz was the epicenter of eugenics experiments. The fact that this foundation now is heavily involved in so-called environmental groups of all sorts, is certainly preoccupying. If we take into account that the Peak Oil scam is, in itself, a decoy to hide population control interests and maybe even desired implementation of extermination programs, the involvement of a foundation that used to fund eugenics research and that collaborated extensively with the Third Reich is certainly alarming. In effect, if humans produce too much « greenhouse effect » gases, the only way remaining to reduce the overall greenhouse effect could very well be to eliminate large chunks of humans… Could the « Green » movement simply be just another cover to continue eugenics politics? It certainly looks that way for me. The hell with the Green Movement… At this cost, I will take my chances with the pollution. To get acquainted with Edwin Black’s research about IBM and the holocaust, check this post:


Barack Hussein Obama turns his back on Canada: The U.S. refuses to go ahead with the Keystone XL pipeline

Unfortunately, I was right. The U.S. definitely has an infatuation for Saudi Arabia and undemocratic regimes. Here is the excellent Ezra Levant commenting on just that. To see how I assed the situation last spring and last summer and to get a better view of the complexity of this case in terms of geo-politics and geo-strategy, if I may suggest, also check the previous articles that follow.

The TransCanada Corporation pipeline project: it’s way better to shed oil than blood

The TransCanada Corp Keystone XL expansion: personal tragedies and human suffering through civilization changes

The Dalai Lama and Tariq Ramadan have sung in duet at the Second Global Conference on World’s Religions after 9/11

Andrew Gavin Marshall on The Boiling Frogs: NGOs, universities and social engineering

This interview with Andrew Gavin Marshall on The Boiling Frogs show presents many relevant issues. In a nutshell, Marshall tries to raise our awareness on how the education system and so-called non-profit organizations have come to play a central role in the shaping of people’s minds. We are way passed the point where our universities and NGOs would still be in the business of helping people and caring for their needs as future responsible citizens. We live in an information (read intelligence) era where control has become the objective of every policy maker. The second half of the show is particularly striking for this. Marshall helps us to realize that Foundations such as the Rockefeller, Carnegie and Ford provide founding only to NGOs that have pre-selected agendas and actions that fit with the ideology of these giant corporations. Social engineering is the new science by which oligarchs, industrialists and corporations now control the world. If you control people’s minds, you do actually control them. During the last decades, we have seen the realization of what was only contemplated or projected in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World: A world where every need and desire is foreseen in advance and duly manufactured and presented to the people as a « choice ». NGOs and universities make sure that citizens have a pre-fabricated mind perfectly suited to accept, integrate and consume these ideas, and in turn approved products and services. All for the benefit of giant corporations that came to replace the royal families and the Church as the ruling elite during the 19th and 20th century.

Andrew Gavin Marshall on BFP