Entrevue avec Kevin Freeman sur la compagnie chinoise Alibaba

L’excellent analyste économique Kevin Freeman est de retour en entrevue sur Secure Freedom Radio. Entre autres sujets, il aborde la question des liens unissant la compagnie chinoise Alibaba à l’élite du Parti Communiste chinois. Plus précisément, il attire notre attention sur les dangers que constitue le fait de confier nos informations personnelles à une compagnie qui pourrait, peut-être, n’être qu’un façade pour le Parti Communiste et l’utilisation qu’elle pourrait faire de ces données. N’oublions pas que la Chine est le premier pays responsable des cyber-attaques contre nos entreprises et nos gouvernements et qu’elle ne pourra rater une pareille occasion d’utiliser nos renseignements personnels. Alibaba est le nom d’un personnage de l’histoire patrimoniale arabe. Le récit intitulé Alibaba et les Quarante Voleurs nous présente un héros qui découvre un trésor caché et qui réussit à le dérober à une bande de voleurs, non sans quelques péripéties. Je ne sais trop comment interpréter cela mais spontanément, ça ne me dit rien de bon. À écouter au dernier segment. Aussi, au premier segment, vous pourrez retrouver le tout aussi excellent John Bolton que j’aimerais voir se présenter comme candidat à la Présidentielle américaine de 2016. Il est le seul homme politique (qui n’a jamais été Président et qui est disponible) que je connaisse qui a à la fois les connaissances, l’expérience, la force et la maturité pour affronter les problèmes du monde impitoyable dans lequel nous vivons. Cela n’empêcherait nullement Sarah Palin de faire parti de son équipe et de contribuer à sa façon.

Kevin Freeman et John Bolton sur Secure Freedom Radio

G. Edward Griffin sur la montée du collectivisme

Excellente entrevue avec G. Edward Griffin sur le collectivisme. Entre autres sujets, l’auteur aborde ici l’imposture de la fracture Gauche-Droite. Cette division savamment entretenue par les élites chez les partisans politiques sert évidemment à saboter tout effort de réel changement social. Elle ne reflète pas la complexité des sociétés humaines. Les partis politiques se réclamant de la fracture Gauche-Droite servent donc davantage en fait à maintenir le statu quo qu’à faire avancer les sociétés humaines. Griffin aborde une plénitude de sujets divers qu’il amène pour exemplifier ou documenter son analyse de la montée de la tyrannie collectiviste.

The end of Glenn Beck’s right-wing rampage: Fox News shoots and scores!

Finally, Fox News most popular ranter has been dropped, or should I say, flushed. Right-wing network Fox News’s controversial host will certainly be remembered for his unappropriate comments and most of the times outrageously unacceptable attacks on everything that is liberal, leftist or progressive. But it is his comments on the Democrats in general that will be most remembered and specifically this line: « will we have to shoot them in the head? » Saddly, as we all saw, they appear to have inspired mind-control job Jared Lee Loughner to commit his killing rampage in Tucson, Arizona. In the months just prior to the shooting, Sarah Palin had also the same bad taste to present electoral billboards with targets on it where Democrat representatives were elected, just by coincidence, and that included Arizona.

Beck made the announcement himself on his show Wednesday, April the 6th. Among the many reasons we could find to justify this firing-in-disguise are declining ratings, tense relations between Beck and Fox president Roger Ailes, increasing difficulties to find advertisers ready to present their products during that kind of show, an older audience, etc. But let’s face it, there are more obvious motivations to why he would have been fired. To start with, he decided to expose George Soros for what he was, i.e. a Jewish nazi collaborator in Hungary. And second and most importantly, his calls for the murdering of Democrats. Fox News, even as a right-wing media, can’t live with such a bad publicity. Beck certainly attracts good ratings, he is popular, o.k. But there are limits to everything. When he made those calls to the murdering of Democrats, combined with George Soros’s reaction to his public exposure as a nazi collaborator, that was it. It was too much.

In the end, Beck is lucky to have had the opportunity to work in the United States. In Canada, after publicly saying that people should fire in the head members of a certain political party, a tv host would have been sent packing right away. Nobody would have been able to keep his job here. But in the United States, where fascism is much more advanced than in Canada, in principle at least, somebody can be a complete asshole and show absolutely no form of respect to anyone and get away with it. Well, Beck got away with it but only for a while. From now on, he will make other things, hopefully far away from progressives and liberals. As well, I am proposing the video where he announces that he will leave the network. What is most curious is that when you listen to him, you almost believe him. So either he is sincere in his crazyness or he is a goddamn good actor.


Globe and Mail

Sarah Palin and the blood libel controversy

The expression ‘blood libel’ refers to accusations that Jews kill Christian children in order to use their blood in rituals. That kind of accusation was very popular in Europe during the Middle Ages. Obviously, it had no basis whatsoever. The weirdest thing in this case, is that Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords who has been targetted in the recent shooting in Tucson, Arizona, is Jewish. That leaves a strange feeling. On her facebook page, Palin declares: « Journalists and pundits should not manufacture a blood libel that serves only to incite the very hatred and violence they purport to condemn ». O.K. we agree…but I still think it smells bad.

Dave Emory, the eminent specialist on fascism studies, made a little research on Sarah Palin that he presented on his radio show, For the Record. In this show, he subtantiates her links to the umh…uhm…KKK and other right-wing organizations and the fascist milieu in general. Be sure to check that information before you make your mind.


Congresswoman of Arizona, Gabrielle Giffords, is shot in public event

The Jewish female was shot along with seventeen other people. Six among them died. The most interesting thing, is Sarah Palin’s last March ‘list’ of targets for political  action. The state of Arizona gets three by itself.