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Kevin McKernan et Bobby Malhotra expliquent pourquoi les tests de détection de la Covid-19 n’ont aucune valeur

Naomi Wolf reçoit en entrevue Kevin McKernan et Bobby Malhotra, deux spécialistes dans le domaine de la génomique. J’ai déjà publié une entrevue avec Kevin McKernan que vous pourrez consulter en visitant le lien fourni juste après la vidéo. Cette entrevue fait suite à certains développements dans le milieu scientifique des tests PCR en lien avec la Covid-19. En gros, voici la situation. Une équipe de chercheurs a publié en janvier 2020 un protocole de détection du SARS-CoV-2 responsable de la Covid-19. Ce protocole est désigné en anglais sous le vocable de Corman-Drosten paper (du nom des deux scientifiques qui apparaissent au début et à la fin de la liste de l’équipe de chercheurs). C’est ce protocole qui a été utilisé jusqu’à aujourd’hui pour procéder aux tests de dépistage de la Covid-19 et pour en analyser les résultats. Une équipe de chercheurs indépendants, dont font partis McKernan et Malhotra, ont publié une demande de rétractation en novembre 2020 à Eurosurveillance, l’organisme qui avait publié le protocole de Corman-Drosten. Ils allèguent dans cette lettre que le protocole de Corman-Drosten contient au moins dix erreurs fondamentales et que le processus de revue par les pairs n’a pas eu lieu, puisque le délai entre le dépôt du document et son acceptation et trop court (24 heures). Une version complète de leurs observations scientifiques est disponible sur leur site web. L’entrevue passe en revue les différents problèmes auxquels les deux chercheurs ont été confrontés lors de l’analyse du protocole de Corman-Drosten. Entre autres faits importants, ils rappelent que l’équipe de Corman-Drosten n’avait pas en leur possession le virus lui-même isolé et purifié. Ils ont donc travaillé à partir d’une séquence fournie par une base de données! Aussi, l’équipe de Corman-Drosten ne pouvait pas garantir que leur protocole ne donnent pas de résultats positifs aux autres coronavirus comme le rhume, la grippe, etc. Aussi, McKernan fait remarquer que le nombre de cycles d’amplification du test PCR aurait été mis à 45 par l’équipe Corman-Drosten, ce qui est incroyable. De plus, ils n’ont pas spécifié le nombre exact de cyles d’amplification à partir duquel on considère quelqu’un «positif» (cycle threshold). Un autre point important est le manque de contrôles internes du protocole permettant de s’assurer que les échantillons ne sont pas contaminés et que le processus d’analyse lui-même ne mène pas à leur contamination. À voir absolument. Ne manquez pas non plus l’entrevue précédente avec Mckernan que j’ai mis en référence.

Entrevue avec Kevin McKernan sur les différents problèmes qui annulent la crédibilité du protocole de détection du SARS-CoV-2

Feminism is bolshevism: two examples

Here are two newspaper articles that express the naivety and immaturity of what is called « feminist » thinking, which is nothing else than disguised bolshevism. The 100th anniversary of the International Women’s Day is coming next tuesday on March 8th. The precursor of the Day, the National Women’s Day, was organized by the Socialist Party of America in 1909. In 1911, the first International Women’s Day took place in Austria, Denmark, Switzerland and Germany, at which occasion women took the opportunity to advocate for their rights. Starting in 1913, the Day was progressively transfered to March 8th. In 1917, the Day was held on the 23rd of February in Petrograd. A bread riot broke out led by women. They marched through the streets gathering men from the many factories. Up to 100,000 people occupied downtown districts for three or four days. Many people joined the protests, quite similar to what we are seeing now in the Middle East. More recently, to give a local example, in 2000, 50 feminist activists met at Philips Square in downtown Montreal on March 9th, the day after the Day. They proceeded to Mary Queen of the World catholic cathedral where, inside, they spray-painted slogans for abortion on the altar, sticked sanitary napkins on pictures and walls, spread condoms all over the place and committed various mayhems. You surely have your own examples in your area.

I propose to you two articles to feed your reflection on the links between feminism and bolshevism. First, a paper from Naomi Wolf, in which she tries to convince us that women played an important role in the uprisings in the Middle East. You see, we have to read reality as it is, not as we would like it to be. She idealizes these women from the street protests as if they were some kind of heroes, linking them implicitely to women in Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution, while they probably were only, like their male counterpart, useful fools participating in a much bigger game. We have to let go with this infantile and desastrous tendency to intellectualize and conceptualize things. Reality is what it is, not what we would like it to be. Women as much as men are the prey of powerful forces that couldn’t care less about women’s rights or rights of any sorts, unless they play along with the agenda of the oligarchies that rule the world.


The second article is by Janet Bagnall from the Montreal Gazette. Incidently, she opens her article by mentioning the 100th anniversary of the International Women’s Day. She tries to make the case of Norway as a model for equality. Again, we have the « privilege » to be gunned down with numbers relative to gender representation in certain jobs. She gives for example the statistics that only 3% of women are chief executives of the world’s biggest 500 companies, and that only 15% of parliamentary positions are held by women, as if it was only a question of mathematics. There are plenty of factors that explain why women are under-represented in certain jobs, the most important being biological and physiological differences that make a woman different from a man. That, the feminists can’t understand. They absolutely have to get their 50% quota of representation because if not, they won’t sleep at night. In all animal species, the female give birth and take care of the offsprings while the male chase and bring food. It has been like that for a long time with humans and it will remain exactly like that probably until the end of times, because humans don’t choose what they are. They manage with it and make the best out of it.

Bagnall brings the example of Norway as being almost the closest realization of feminist Paradise on earth. In 2006, the State introduced a law that requires at least a 40% representation of women in boards of publicly traded companies… But what if there are not enough qualified women to fill all these positions? Does that mean that they have to hire incompetent women to complete the quota? It looks that way. Skei Grande, leader of the Liberal Party in Norway, said to Bagnall that they don’t even think about gender representation anymore. It is 50%-50% and that’s it…

You know, I am a strong partisan of competence in workplaces and I don’t like these forced quotas that enterprises have to conform to. In the end, I can’t help but to see in this the footprint of bolshevism, which I call red fascism. Equality doesn’t mean egalitarianism. Women and men being equals doesn’t imply that they have to do exactly the same things and the same way. Our women in the western world have been corrupted by a totalitarian ideology, feminism, which is only a front for bolshevism. That is why they have been complaining for a century and are still continuing to do so. Bolshevism can’t make women happy and it will never be able to. Women have to look elsewhere, inside of them first, and second in the wisdom of the tradition. Man is not the enemy of woman, he is her partner.