Quatrième partie de la série de vidéos sur Bill Gates, par le Corbett Report

Vous pourrez voir les trois premières parties de cette série en consultant cet article précédent.

Project Veritas: L’escroquerie des diagnostics de Covid-19 à New York

Le public francophone, en particulier celui du Québec, aurait intérêt à regarder cette vidéo de Project Veritas. James O’Keefe de Project Veritas a fait une enquête auprès des maisons funéraires de New York. Le témoignage des dirigeants de ces maisons  funéraires met en lumière que les médecins de New York ont tendance à mettre Covid-19 comme étant la cause du décès sur le certificat de décès, que les malades aient été atteints ou non de la Covid-19, qu’ils aient été testés ou non, ou que la Covid-19 soit la cause du décès ou non. Je rappelle pour ceux qui ne le sauraient pas, qu’aux États-Unis, un hôpital reçoit 13 000 dollars pour le traitement d’un patient atteint de la Covid-19 et 39 000 dollars si ce dernier doit être branché sur un ventilateur. Il y a donc un incitatif financier faisant en sorte que les médecins et les hôpitaux inscrivent Covid-19 sur le certificat de décès de façon presque systématique. Ceci a pour effet de gonfler les statistiques de décès reliés à la Covid-19, ce qui fait paraître la situation bien pire qu’elle ne l’est en fait. Et cela se pourrait-il que ce stratagème se déroule aussi au Québec, à Montréal en particulier?

Dr Fauci predicts in 2017 that a surprise disease outbreak will challenge the Trump Adminstration…

A very interesting statement here by Dr Fauci back in 2017 at Georgetown University at the «Pandemic Preparedness during the Next Administration» conference. If I were President Trump, I would ask Dr Fauci this: «How the hell did you know that a major disease outbreak would occur during my presidency?» I can’t wait to hear about the answer…

Uncut interview with William Cooper followed by 9/11 prediction

One of the greatest patriot in the history of the United States, William Cooper was a radio host in the 1990’s in what was called then the « research » community. After his career in the U.S. Army, Cooper investigated every kind of subject of interest at a time when the internet was still in its infancy or didn’t exist. Researchers and patriots in those days often had to get physical documents in their possession to be able to research a topic, since there was basically nothing that was available either online or in digital form. That came to change later of course and because of that, research became easier and more accessible to the average citizen. Since then, the number of people involved in the research community has increased exponentially, because it is so easy now compared to what it was before. In this incredible interview, Cooper talks about his life and his research, very candidly, and gives his perspective on the core of the problem that we face as nations and peoples of the Earth.

In a nutshell, Cooper identifies the secret societies as being the malevolent force behind all the changes that we have seen being implemented on Earth since 1945. Their project, according to him, is to bring about a one world socialist government. They would use the United Nations as a framework and the U.S. Army as a police force in order to do that. These secret societies are trying to build a perfect world, without wars. They will never succeed to do so, according to Cooper, because they are not dealing with the core of the problem, which is human nature. Human nature makes us imperfect, with flaws, so no Utopian scenario would ever work. Cooper suggests to « clean the house » at Washington D.C. « Lock them up », he says. Among many highlights, he mentions that the Gulf War created a historical precedent when the United Nations sent its police force, composed of military units of several countries, to the Middle East in order to « liberate » Kuwait. With that action, he says, the United Nations was then legally established as the one world government. Cooper was a very lucid and clairvoyant individual who left this world too soon. He was killed in November 2001 in an exchange of fire with the police outside his home. The fact that he was killed just a few weeks after 9/11 is difficult to ignore. During his radio show on June 28th 2001, he told his audience that a CNN reporter and a camera crew « found » Osama ben Laden in Afghanistan while the CIA couldn’t find him, apparently. Cooper predicted that a major attack would occur in the U.S. as a result. You can listen to this show with the second video. May you rest in peace, brother.

Jack Cashill on the crash of the TWA 800, on Secure Freedom Radio

According to Jack Cashill’s research, apparently a missile hit the TWA 800 flight on July 17th 1996. A conspiracy to take down the plane and to coverup the truth are reasonable to contemplate here. To illustrate the problem, lines of communications were cut off between the CIA and the FBI on this case and when that happens, that doesn’t bode well. Acts of terror are not what we are told they are.

Project Veritas series on Twitter censorship policies, Part I and II

Judging by this ongoing series, there seems to be a conspiracy at Twitter to take down or at least censure President Trump. I don’t think they will succeed but it is certainly interesting to watch. I join also the full article accompanying the release of the second video, where you can read specific information regarding this subject.

UNDERCOVER VIDEO: Twitter Engineers To “Ban a Way of Talking” Through “Shadow Banning,” Algorithms to Censor Opposing Political Opinions

G. Edward Griffin présente le monde de Cecil Rhodes

Selon les informations présentées ici, le richissime Cecil Rhodes aurait créé une société secrète au XIXième siècle. Le but de cette société aurait été à l’origine de propager les valeurs de l’empire anglo-américain au-delà de ses frontières. Il l’aurait créé en s’inspirant notamment des Illuminés de Bavière, fondée en 1776 par Adam Weishaupt, et sur les Jésuites. Après la Deuxième Guerre Mondiale, le but de la société secrète aurait changé: Il fallait maintenant établir un gouvernement mondial. Ce genre d’organisation est passé maître dans l’art de manipuler tous les partis politiques actifs dans un état afin de contrôler l’activité politique elle-même et la neutraliser. Pour ce faire, elle cible les « centres de pouvoir » et les institutions qui, à leur tour, contrôlent les individus qui les fréquentent ou qui sont sous leur influence. Selon l’auteur, Bill Clinton serait partie prenante de cette société.