Interview with Steven Mosher about Communist China and 5G on Infowars

The interview starts around 27 minutes in the show hosted by Alex Jones, up to around 1h 04 minutes. What Steven Mosher describes here from his own experience in Communist China is absolutely disgusting and terrifying at times. To set the stage for this great interview, Alex Jones presents a lot of very relevant information prior to the interview itself, so it is a good idea to watch the whole thing from the start.

Robert Zubrin comments on the rise of Green Fascism on Secure Freedom Radio

Listen here to Robert Zubrin as he explains the deep foundations of the green movement that makes it, in fact, a fascist ideology. His interview can be heard on segment #3. Then on segment #4, the excellent Gordon Chang brings an update on China.

Robert Zubrin and Gordon Chang on Secure Freedom Radio