Mark Collett and Black Pilled on many subjects on Red Ice TV

This last week has been very hot in news politically while very important events or tragedies unfolded. These two guests on Red Ice TV discuss here some of these events such the ‘caravan’ that is heading for the U.S border, the involvement of Israeli organizations with the movement of migrants, Faith Goldy’s political campaign, threats against George Soros, ‘hexes’ being performed on Brett Kavanaugh, the Mail Bomber scare, Megyn Kelly’s ‘blackface’ controversy and other subjects.

Quelques émissions de Red Ice Radio et Radio 3Fourteen

Voici quelques émissions de Red Ice Radio et Radio 3Fourteen qui ont retenu mon attention dernièrement, sur des sujets variés.

Andrew Joyce – The History of Jewish Influence

Julian Langness – Fistfights with Muslims in Europe

Richard Thomas – Power Through Discipline: The Plague of Weak Men

White Rabbit – The War on Whites

Mark Collett – Brexit: The EU will Destroy Britain and the European People