Flashback Friday #54 with guest host Mark Collett, on Red Ice TV

A lot of good topics with a nationalist point of view are covered in that episode of Flashback Friday with guest host Mark Collett.

Interview with Jayda Fransen on Radio 3Fourteen (Red Ice TV)

Lana Lokteff interviews British political personality Jayda Fransen on her show, Radio 3Fourteen. Fransen was jailed recently for criticizing Islam. I also suggest one of Lana’s videos from last year that was addressing precisely the topic of «Female Thought Criminals».

Raheem Kassam on Theresa May and the UK, on SFR

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Right-wing activists barred from the UK: Analysis and interviews

Recently, Lauren Southern, Brittany Pettibone and Martin Sellner were barred from entering the UK. While Lauren Southern was stopped in Calais, France, Pettibone and Sellner were arrested and detained in Britain where they were expecting to deliver a speech at the famous Speakers Corner in London. Tommy Robinson, the well-known British patriot and nationalist decided, in reaction, to deliver himself a few days later the speech that Sellner was supposed to give there. So, in order, the analysis of the whole incident by Mark Collett on Red Ice TV, followed by interviews made by Robinson with the political activists after their ordeal. Finally, you can watch a short video of the event. Apparently, the three activists are planning to sue the UK, so it will be interesting to see what follows from this.

Interviews with Fred Galvin, John Guandolo and Jon Gaunt on Secure Freedom Radio

These one hour-long interviews on Secure Freedom Radio hosted by Frank Gaffney are absolutely fabulous. The first two give the listeners the opportunity to know better, if they don’t know them already, two outstanding American patriots, Fred Galvin and Jon Guandolo. Mrs Galvin and Guandolo have been at the forefront of the fight for freedom, respectively in the American Army and in the FBI. The third interview features Jon Guant, a British national with a flavourful talent for social critique. If you are experiencing technical issues downloading the audio files with certain web browsers, please try with another.

Interview with Fred Galvin

Interview with John Guandolo

Interview with Jon Gaunt

Report on the death of doctor David Kelly on GRTV

If it is not a murder, if it is a suicide, an accident or a natural death, why has the police  withheld all the evidence and the government classified the whole thing? To ask a question is, sometimes, to answer it…