Jay Dyer’s analysis of the Las Vegas shooting (Republishing)

In the context of the first anniversary of the Las Vegas shooting, I republish the excellent analysis of the tragedy made by Jay Dyer on Red Ice TV, only a few days after the events. Additional information is available on this case as well. For example, Alex Jones presented on his show evidence that muzzle flashes could be seen during the shooting, which suggests that aircrafts might have been in the vicinity of the buildings. Here is an article that resumes the main evidence. On a personal note, whenever I think about this tragedy, flashbacks of the movie series Die Hard, featuring Bruce Willis, keep popping in my head. There is something ‘scripted’ about the Las Vegas shooting that we can’t miss.

Forget about the mainstream media. Only the alternative media dare to speak the truth.

Jay Dyer’s analysis on the Las Vegas shooting

Jay Dyer is right on the money. The analysis he provides here on Red Ice Radio is right on. Again the media is lying up to their teeth. The various elements he brings make clear that we are being highly manipulated by very dark forces. Forget about the ‘lone wolf’, ‘lone gunman’, ‘violent extremist’ and other orwellian nonsense. This is not what is going on. If we don’t wake up soon, the world in which we will be living tomorrow will be a total nightmare. I give a five stars note to that presentation.

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