La chanson SKAL de Miracle of Sound- Stimulez le Viking en vous

J’ai pensé vous offrir cette chanson afin de stimuler le Viking en vous. Vous savez, il n’y a rien de mal à être de race blanche, à être indo-européen. Personnellement, j’en suis fier. La diversité, quoique les wokes en disent, ça inclut aussi les Blancs.

Direct de Nomos-TV sur le livre de Bernard Lugan ‘Esclavage l’histoire à l’endroit’

Alexandre Cormier-Denis critique le dernier ouvrage de Mathieu Bock-Côté

Alexandre Cormier-Denis fait ici une critique très intéressante et pertinente du dernier ouvrage de l’écrivain et personnage médiatique Mathieu Bock-Côté. Et il en profite pour faire une critique de Bock-Côté lui-même.

No-Go Zone et Flashback Friday sur Red Ice TV

Le retour de la race et la cancel culture, sur Nomos-TV

No-Go Zones, on Red Ice TV: See some Black Supremacists share their anti-White propaganda

Among many subjects, Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice TV reviews here some of the propaganda coming from Black Supremacist leaders. Starting around 57:00 minutes, you will hear and see people like Young Pharaoh and Nick Cannon share their anti-White hatred. What they say about Whites is absolutely delusional and disgusting. Who is responsible for brainwashing them into believing that Whites have a lesser value than animals? Obama, Marxists, Communists, Black Lives Matter? Even President Trump uses to say that «nobody has ever done more for Blacks than me». I think that is precisely the problem. A lot of people are doing a lot of things for Blacks presently, with the result that Blacks are becoming more and more arrogant, pretentious, delusional, paranoid and violent day by day. Whites don’t owe anything to Blacks. It is the other way around. Among many things, Blacks have been using Whites’ technologies for centuries and we never have been compensated for that. If you, Blacks, want to talk about reparations, you could start there. You owe us, Whites, trillions of dollars of license fees that you have never paid for the use of our technologies. We never asked but I think it is time that we start. Prepare your wallets.