The rise of Black Power and anti-White racism

One of the things that worries me a lot is the rise of Black Power in the Western World. If you browse through social media, you will see numerous example of this. You will see short videos shot will cellphones showing groups of Black teenagers targeting with violence lonely individuals, the elderly, the disabled and even children sometimes. They engage in violent behavior when it’s not in full assault. In Hollywood, you see big production companies replacing White actors with Black ones to play the role of White characters. In politics, you see political parties pandering more and more to Black communities, to the point where you have the impression that the interests of the White majority no longer matters. In the job market, you see White employees being replaced by Black ones or by ones of another race. In sciences, history is being rewritten either to victimize Blacks or to glorify them. In the field of publicity, you see an endless stream of ads where a Black man is in a couple with a White woman, etc, etc. Our society is the target of an elaborate propaganda campaign meant to brainwash the population into believing that Whites don’t own what they have rightfully and that they occupy their land illegally. Whites have to pay reparations, they have to do this, to do that… To feed your reflection on the matter, I suggest two videos of Red Ice TV on this subject. The first is about the Black Panther movie and the second talks about the immense fraud that is going on in the fields of anthropology and history. Before I let you go, I have one question: According to you, what is the role played by the government of South Africa in the development of anti-White racism in America? To what degree are they responsible for encouraging the development of hate and racism towards Whites? The last video features a snippet of an interview with the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters party of South Africa, Julius Malema, uttering again his famous statement: «we’ve not called for the killing of Whites, at least for now»…

Article sur le massacre des Blancs au moment de l’Indépendance d’Haiti

Peu de gens le savent mais c’est bel et bien vrai. Les Blancs ont été massacrés lors de l’indépendance d’Haiti. Le même sort est arrivé à certains colons français en Algérie également lors de l’indépendance de ce pays. Et il se produit aussi présentement en Afrique du Sud où la population blanche est en train d’être petit à petit exterminée par la population noire. Ces faits de l’histoire montrent de façon éloquente pourquoi nous, les Blancs, devons rester majoritaires dans nos pays d’Occident. Si nous devenons minoritaires, le même sort tragique qui s’est abattu sur les colons européens en Haïti, en Algérie et en Afrique du Sud se produira aussi dans l’ensemble des pays de la sphère occidentale.

The True Story of Haiti—and the Mass Murder of Whites under Black Rule

Interview with Edward Dutton: Race differences in ethnocentrism on Red Ice TV

Deux vidéos de Nomos-TV sur la question raciale au Québec

Ces deux vidéos datent de plusieurs mois mais elles sont toujours pertinentes.

Stephen McNallen speaks about the purpose behind the organization he founded, the Asatru Folk Assembly

Lana Lokteff on White Nationalism and Far-Right Extremism

Two excellent videos by Lana Lokteff that present how double standards are applied to White people when time comes to defend their culture and heritage. In the media and in the public opinion, White Nationalism equates with racism and Nazism because our society doesn’t allow Whites to defend themselves as nations, peoples, tribes, cultures and as a race and a civilization. In the same spirit, anything that Whites can say to defend such culture and values is categorized as Far-Right Extremism while these things were absolutely normal and average for the common man only 60 years ago. It is time that we, whether you prefer to refer to us as Whites, Westerners or Indo-Europeans, it is time that we take back possession of language. It is the language that allows individuals and societies to define reality. Enemies of the West and of Whites have hijacked the language in a way that makes it impossible for us to exist as a race and as tribes and societies. They are trying to erase us from history and from the globe. It is not going to happen if we stand together and fight. And it starts with taking back our speech.