Diffusion d’urgence, quatrième partie/Emergency Broadcast, part 4

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Ken Pereira revient sur le concept des « théories du complot »

Quatrième partie de la série de vidéos sur Bill Gates, par le Corbett Report

Vous pourrez voir les trois premières parties de cette série en consultant cet article précédent.

Amy Robach hot mic incident about the Jeffrey Epstein case followed by an interview with Ryan Dawson

This the groundbreaking news video published by Project Veritas on the Jeffrey Epstein story. In this hot mic recording, Amy Robach of ABC expresses her frustrations about the case. Her network had the whole story three years ago and didn’t put on the air, supposedly because it «didn’t meet ABC’s high journalistic standards». Yeah, right. When it’s time to put out propaganda about Trump though they are not so demanding. Anyway, I want to take the opportunity to republish this interview with Ryan Dawson presented on Red Ice TV. The video is no longer available on Youtube due to the deletion of their channel but it’s still available on BitChute. Ryan Dawson and host Henrik Palmgren make here a complete presentation of all the known facts.

Ryan Dawson comments on the death of Jeffrey Epstein, on Red Ice TV

Adam Green analyses the Jeffrey Epstein case, on Red Ice TV