Independence Day Special: An interesting theory about the Great Pyramid of Gizeh

For classical egyptology, Egypt’s pyramids were tombs. Obviously, for anyone who takes the time to look rationally at this idea, it doesn’t make any sense, especially considering the dimensions of these structures. Who would think to build such larges buildings just to provide a tomb while simply a hole in the ground with some fancy roofing in stone would do it. The theory presented here is that the structure of the Great Pyramid of Gizeh was in fact a technological facility built to create electromagnetic energy using water, coming down chambers and corridors, as the catalysing force. The electromagnetic energy was then redirected toward the ionosphere. Metals, crystals and special material were used, such as copper wires. I have no idea if it was really the case but it makes sense, much more than the bogus theory of the ‘tomb’. Also, the video makes the connection with the great works of genius scientist NikolaTesla. To complete your research, you can watch this documentary featuring Graham Hancock about lost civilizations that I have published in an earlier post, in which the mystery of the Great Pyramid of Gizeh is also explored, in relation with its position relative to the stars.

Scientific paper on HAARP and ELF electromagnetic radiation

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This is a scientific paper that came up during a discussion about HAARP on the website. We were talking about the level of credibility that we should give to the hypothesis that certain governments are playing with the weather to inflict damage and pain to other nations, in other terms to conduct warfare. We were asking ourselves if it would be conceivable that specific phenomena such as earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, etc, could be triggered directly by facilities such as HAARP or equivalent ones elsewhere on Earth. I don’t possess the scientific background to be able to form an educated opinion on the validity of this document but it looks good. If you do have qualifications to comment and/or criticize on it, please do so. This subject is extremely important and I would welcome any help. This is an excellent post by Dave Emory and the comments that follow are excellent as well. It is so rare to be able to have a discussion with educated, articulated and informed people that it deserves to be underlined. So if you have anything to contribute, please add your input.

High Power ELF